Navigating the Future of Finance: 15 Intriguing Startups in Spain

Discovering Spain's innovative financial startups reshaping the industry.

Spain is experiencing a wave of innovation in the financial sector, with startups revolutionizing the way we manage money, invest, and plan for the future. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 15 remarkable finance startups in Spain, each offering a unique perspective and solution to financial challenges.


Website: Lana

Lana is a financial marketplace that caters to Gig Economy workers in LATAM, providing them with essential financial services and support.


Website: Idrus

Idrus specializes in building VoiceBot solutions to automate Call Center operations, enhancing efficiency and customer service in the finance and insurance sectors.


Website: SmartFincas

SmartFincas offers solutions for property managers and neighborhood communities, streamlining financial management in the real estate industry.


Website: Talvi

Talvi is an automated financial advisor that empowers users with financial planning, investment management, and financial education—all within a mobile app.

Nextep Finance

Website: Nextep Finance

Nextep Finance specializes in designing and monitoring investment funds and portfolios, providing expert financial advisory services.

Hello Auto

Website: Hello Auto

Hello Auto is an insurance company focused on car insurance, providing innovative solutions in the insurance sector.


Website: Findango

Findango offers financing solutions for non-banking companies, contributing to financial accessibility and growth.

Cambra Barcelona

Website: Cambra Barcelona

Cambra Barcelona is an institution that promotes economic and business activity in Barcelona, fostering economic development.


Website: InvestingCube

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InvestingCube is a news site dedicated to financial markets, offering insights and analysis for investors and traders.



HELASTICA is an investment management company, helping individuals and businesses navigate the complex world of investments.

Iter Advisors

Website: Iter Advisors

Iter Advisors is an independent consulting firm specializing in financial services, providing expert guidance to clients.

Ethical Capital

Ethical Capital is an ethical Robo advisor that customizes investment portfolios, aligning investments with personal values.

Aglaia Capital

Website: Aglaia Capital

Aglaia Capital focuses on corporate finance, alternative investments, and advisory on token generating events, contributing to financial innovation.


Website: StudentFinance

StudentFinance is a Global Career Mobility Fintech platform that supports reskilling and upskilling the global workforce, bridging the gap between education and finance.

WOKI Consulting

Website: WOKI Consulting

WOKI Consulting is a marketplace connecting freelance experts and medium-sized companies in Latin America and Spain, facilitating business growth and collaboration.

These 15 finance startups in Spain represent the forefront of financial innovation, reshaping how individuals and businesses manage their finances and investments. Whether it’s automating call centers, promoting ethical investing, or streamlining property management, these ventures are driving progress and reshaping the financial landscape in Spain and beyond. Stay tuned for their continued impact on the industry.

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