Who are Baden-Wurttemberg’s Most Influential AI Startups in 2023?

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From robotics to healthcare, information technology to financial services, the German region of Baden-Wurttemberg is fostering a diverse range of Artificial Intelligence (AI) startups. This dynamic tech landscape is predicated on creating innovative, cutting-edge solutions to meet evolving digital needs across various sectors. Here are 15 noteworthy AI startups from Baden-Wurttemberg unearthing groundbreaking solutions in their respective sectors.

NEURA Robotics

Founded by David Reger, NEURA Robotics is making strides in the Industrial Automation and Robotics sector. Their cognitive robots find application not only in industrial settings but also in daily life scenarios, seamlessly contributing to the AI revolution.

Klein Data Research

An AI, Cryptocurrency and FinTech startup, Klein Data Research was brought to life by Achim Klein and Lyubomir Kirilov. This innovative platform supports investors through the volatile cryptocurrency market, offering AI-backed digital investment newsletters.


Established by Tobias Lindig, AIRAmed is a software firm providing software-assisted brain analysis solutions based on MRI imaging and AI for the healthcare industry.

elevait GmbH & Co. KG

elevait, founded by Gunther Möckesch, is an AI startup that concentrates on creating an AI-driven product suite to streamline administrative processes through digitalization and automation.


auvisus, the brainchild of Alexander Gauthier and Felix Schweikardt, offers unique, AI-based self-checkout solutions for the food industry.


Jan Oevermann’s plusmeta provides cloud-based catalog and metadata management software solutions, leveraging AI to simplify content and document management.

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Extheria merges IoT, printed electronics, and AI technologies to create a trusted digital reflection.


Responsible for bolstering business systems security, CAIBERP is making a name for itself in the AI, Cyber Security and Enterprise Resource Planning sectors.

Aleph Alpha

An AI trailblazer, Aleph Alpha was founded by Jonas Andrulis and Samuel Weinbach. The startup is focused on researching, developing, and deploying AI foundation models.


Daedalus is an AI-based technology outfit led by Jonas Schneider, offering reconfigurable production capacity for automated production of small series.


Co-founded by Alex Conway and Sascha Lang, AiSupervision is an AI-driven platform offering an operating system for factory production lines.

Deep Care

Deep Care offers an intelligent seat behavior assistant that promotes healthy sitting behavior for office workers.


As a SaaS, Enterprise Search, Chemicals and Pharma startup, Recobo, led by Oliver Hehl, is revolutionizing AI, Machine Learning and Nutrition sectors.


Specialist in AI-based power management solutions, Phyr7 is pioneering its field by transforming AI, Chemical, Information Services, Information Technology, Precious Metals and Software industries.

itmX GmbH

itmX develops CRM and commerce solutions using digital assistants with artificial intelligence. It offers transformative solutions in Artificial Intelligence, Construction, CRM, and Marketing.

The thriving Baden-Wurttemberg AI scene, as represented by these innovative startups, signifies the potential for technological and economic growth within the region and beyond. With AI woven into every facet of the tech industry, the AI startups of Baden-Wurttemberg underpin the future of data science, machine learning and a borderless digital world.

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