Startup Showcase: Waytation Unlocking Offline Customer Insights for Success

Revolutionizing Customer Journey Analysis in Offline Environments

Welcome to’ Startup Showcase, where we bring you the latest innovations and disruptive ideas from the European startup scene. In this edition, we present Waytation, a groundbreaking company based in Vienna, Austria, that is revolutionizing the way customer journeys are analyzed in offline environments. Read on to discover how Waytation’s pioneering solution is unlocking valuable customer insights and transforming the way events, exhibitions, and festivals are experienced.

Analyzing Offline Customer Journeys

In today’s online world, understanding customer interests is crucial for sustainable success. However, what if businesses could gain similar customer insights in the offline world? Waytation is at the forefront of bridging this gap by offering a groundbreaking solution for analyzing customer journeys and understanding human interests in offline environments. By providing real-time information and unlocking previously untapped potential, Waytation is transforming the way businesses and event organizers connect with their audiences.

Revolutionizing Events and Exhibitions

Imagine a large-scale exhibition like CeBIT, where hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees gather with the aim of exchanging information and forging connections. Traditionally, it has been challenging for event organizers and exhibitors to gain a comprehensive understanding of attendees’ interests and needs. However, with Waytation’s innovative tracking technology, every movement and action of each attendee can now be analyzed, providing unique insights into their interests and enabling the deduction of customer needs.

Real-Time Optimization and Enhanced ROI

Waytation turns every attendee’s movements into powerful business intelligence analytics, offering organizers and exhibitors a tool to measure and increase return-on-investment (ROI). By leveraging this real-time data, businesses can optimize their strategies and improve lead generation, resulting in more efficient sales processes. Waytation’s solution empowers organizers to deliver a new level of experience to attendees, creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved.

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Unique Features and Future Expansion

One of the key factors that sets Waytation apart is its ability to achieve 100% coverage without the need for a smartphone app or any customer interaction. This innovative approach makes Waytation a pioneer in the industry, eliminating barriers and providing seamless customer insights. With a strong partner in the B2B industry, Waytation is poised to take its technology to the next level and execute its vision on a global scale. The company’s ambition is to revolutionize customer journey analysis worldwide, bringing about a paradigm shift in how businesses understand and engage with their offline audiences.


Waytation is breaking new ground in the field of customer journey analysis in offline environments. By providing real-time insights into customer interests and needs, Waytation’s solution empowers businesses, event organizers, and exhibitors to optimize their strategies, enhance lead generation, and deliver exceptional experiences to attendees. As the world becomes increasingly connected, Waytation’s innovative technology holds immense potential for reshaping the way we understand and engage with offline customer journeys.




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