Startup Showcase: Resortecs Revolutionizes the Fashion Industry with Circular Solutions

Resortecs: Pioneering Design for Disassembly for Sustainable Fashion

Welcome to, your go-to source for the latest breakthroughs in the European startup scene. In this startup showcase, we are thrilled to present Resortecs, an award-winning company based in Brussels, Belgium, that is transforming the fashion industry through their innovative Design for Disassembly solutions. Resortecs is on a mission to drive full circularity in the fashion world, offering heat-dissolvable stitching threads and thermal disassembly systems that make industrial-scale textile recycling easy and efficient.

Redefining Fashion Sustainability

Resortecs, short for REcycling, SORting, TEChnologieS, is at the forefront of sustainable fashion. By revolutionizing the way clothes are assembled and disassembled, they empower fashion and workwear brands to tackle today’s environmental challenges while maintaining the creativity, design, and quality of clothing. Their globally patented thermal disassembly solution is five times faster than traditional methods, allowing for the recycling of up to 90% of the original fabric material.

Smart Stitch™: Enabling Circular Transformation from the Manufacturing Stage

At the heart of Resortecs’ innovation is their Smart Stitch™, a heat-dissolvable stitching thread with different melting points. This groundbreaking technology allows brands to transform their products into recyclable, circular pieces right from the manufacturing stage. By using Smart Stitch™, fashion brands can easily disassemble garments without compromising the fabric’s quality, enabling efficient recycling processes.

Smart Disassembly™: Unlocking Premium-Quality Materials for Reuse

Resortecs’ Smart Disassembly™ system is another key component of their circular solutions. This thermal disassembly system enables recyclers to unlock higher volumes of premium-quality material from discarded garments. With the ability to process up to 4 million garments per year, Resortecs ensures low emissions and no material damage during the disassembly process. This means fabrics can be used over and over again, promoting a truly sustainable fashion industry.

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Conclusion: Welcome to a New Era of Circularity

Resortecs is leading the charge towards a more sustainable and circular fashion industry. Their Design for Disassembly solutions revolutionize the way we think about garment production, offering an alternative to the wasteful practices that have dominated the fashion world for far too long. By integrating Resortecs’ innovative technologies, fashion brands can embrace circularity and reduce their environmental impact without sacrificing design or quality.

It’s time to reimagine fashion as a force for good, and Resortecs is paving the way. Their commitment to full circularity sets a new standard for the industry, demonstrating that sustainability and creativity can go hand in hand. We encourage you to explore Resortecs’ website and connect with them on social media to learn more about their groundbreaking solutions and join the circular fashion movement.





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