Revolutionary Alliance Aims to Eradicate Digital Poverty by 2030

Key Takeaways:

  • The National Delivery Committee is set to supercharge the Digital Poverty Alliance’s mission.
  • About 30 top-tier UK organizations have united for this noble cause.
  • The NDC will hold bi-monthly meetings, ensuring progress towards establishing digital equality.

Bridging the Digital Divide: A National Mission

A Formidable Alliance to Champion the Cause

London’s recent announcement sees the formation of the National Delivery Committee (NDC) – a new powerhouse set to fortify the Digital Poverty Alliance’s (DPA) ambitious plan to eradicate digital poverty by 2030. Through coordinated efforts, this Committee is set to turn the tide, providing both strategic and actionable steps to meet the challenges ahead.

Uniting Giants for a Greater Good

With a diverse ensemble comprising roughly 30 esteemed UK-based entities – including industry stalwarts like Ofcom, techUK, and UK Finance, as well as key players such as Currys and the Federation of Small Businesses – the NDC is both diverse and influential. To ensure transparency and inclusivity, observer status will be granted to representatives from the national government.

In a bid to ramp up engagement and harness collective knowledge, select organizations will be given the golden opportunity of corporate memberships. Such members will gain access to quarterly industry forums, working hand-in-hand with the NDC and the DPA.

A Structured Approach: Regular Checks and Milestones

Diligence is at the heart of this mission. Scheduled bi-monthly meetings will be the linchpin to assess progress, deliberate on challenges, and streamline efforts to meet the overarching goal: a UK where digital poverty is a thing of the past.

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A Visionary Perspective: Words from the Interim CEO

Elizabeth Anderson, the Interim CEO at the Digital Poverty Alliance, shared her insights on the monumental endeavor. According to Anderson, the formation of the NDC is a significant leap towards ensuring the successful delivery of the National Delivery Plan (NDP). This partnership embodies the spirit of collective responsibility, as it brings together premier organizations committed to taking concrete steps to grant every UK resident equal access to digital resources, connectivity, and skill sets.

Anderson stressed the implications of digital exclusion. Without digital access, individuals are left behind, unable to tap into the plethora of opportunities spanning from education to employment, and even beyond into retirement. With the burgeoning digital economy, ensuring a fully connected UK is imperative, not just for the individual but for the collective growth of the nation. Businesses stand to gain from a more digitally skilled workforce, and the economy will reap the rewards of this digital revolution.

Join the Revolution

Organizations keen on becoming a part of this transformative journey and contributing to the mission can explore corporate membership opportunities at the Digital Poverty Alliance’s official website.

About the Digital Poverty Alliance

With a vision to exterminate digital poverty, first in the UK and then globally, the Digital Poverty Alliance stands as a beacon of hope. As a non-profit initiative, it gathers individuals from various sectors – business, government, charity, and education – under one umbrella. The alliance strives to consolidate diverse digital poverty initiatives and research, aiming to craft a singular, powerful national strategy.

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