30 Years, Infinite Possibilities: The Logistics Brand Revolutionizing Safe Deliveries

Key Takeaways:

  • Celebrating 30 robust years, this leading logistics firm has transformed into an internationally recognized brand.
  • Their unique approach offers tailored solutions for diverse shipping needs, setting them apart in the logistics sector.
  • A pivotal alliance in 2023 catapulted the brand’s presence, fortifying its position in the UK market.

A Humble Start: From One to Many

In the bustling suburb of Parramatta, NSW, Australia, a vision was birthed in 1993. A simple yet profound idea – to offer unparalleled postal and freight services. Fast-forward 30 years, and that single Service Centre has burgeoned into an extensive multi-national retail network, making waves not just in its home turf but overseas too.

Going Global: Touching New Horizons

While Australia and New Zealand witnessed the brand’s rapid growth in its initial years, the next frontier was the UK. In 2009, the firm made its indelible mark in the UK market, relying on a winning franchising model to expand its foothold. But 2023 was the game-changer. A strategic alignment with MBE Worldwide, a giant with a turnover surmounting $1 Billion and nearly 3000 outlets, propelled the company into a new echelon of success. Now sharing the UK platform with logistics stalwarts like Mail Boxes Etc. and World Options, the brand’s growth trajectory looks nothing short of stellar.

A Commitment to Superior Service: Words from the Helm

Mike Ryan, the General Manager of the UK operations, couldn’t help but reminisce about the remarkable journey. “It’s been a blend of innovation, dedication, and relentless focus on customer needs that has sculpted our success story over the past three decades,” says Ryan. Echoing the sentiments of gratitude towards their team, customers, and invaluable partners, Ryan emphasized the brand’s unwavering proposition – to offer unparalleled packing and shipping services. “Our growth, from one Service Centre to an influential global brand, is a testament to our ethos,” he added.

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Crafting Custom Solutions: The Brand’s Unique Approach

What really makes this company the frontrunner in logistics is its ability to offer bespoke solutions. Recognizing that no two shipping needs are the same, they’ve harnessed their extensive service centre network to offer flexibility, convenience, and unmatched value. Whether it’s the individual shipping a delicate artifact or a business with intricate freight requirements, this brand ensures every need is met with precision and care.

The Road Ahead: Staying True to Core Values

Even as they celebrate past milestones, the firm is keenly focused on the future. A continued commitment to their foundational values of reliability, efficiency, and flexibility will guide their next steps. As they envision the years ahead, the accent will be on innovation, customer satisfaction, and broadening their service footprint. In the competitive world of logistics, their dedication to excellence makes them a beacon of trust and efficiency.

About the Brand

For 30 years, PACK & SEND has been the industry’s go-to destination for comprehensive postal, freight, courier, packing, and removal services. Renowned for handling goods that are large, fragile, awkward, or valuable, they operate through a national retail network, redefining standards in the logistics sector.

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