Startup Showcase: Klassroom – Bridging the Gap Digitally

Reimagining Elementary Education Communication with Social-Inspired Tech

Our Startup Showcase today focuses on Klassroom, a dynamic Paris-based company on a mission to transform parent-teacher communication and engagement in elementary schools.

Introducing Klassroom: Digital Communication for Schools Reimagined

Born out of a personal need for enhanced parent-teacher communication, Klassroom brings the best of social media interaction to the educational arena. Their intuitive, digital platform enables seamless remote learning, video conferencing, and homework management – tools that are especially critical in our increasingly digital world. Teachers can create new classrooms within minutes and share crucial updates like homework, announcements, activity pictures, videos, events, and more with parents. This makes the platform an integral part of the school ecosystem.

Klassroom’s outstanding feature is its impressive parent engagement level. More than 90% of the parents using Klassroom are monthly active users. They can react to posts, schedule appointments with teachers, and initiate private conversations designed to foster robust parent-teacher relationships while respecting teacher’s time.

Klassroom’s Universal Reach: No Parent Left Behind

In an inclusive move, Klassroom accommodates all parents, regardless of language or physical impairment. The app supports translation of posts and private messages into 100 different languages, ensuring that language is never a barrier to understanding your child’s education. Klassroom’s features are also friendly to the visually impaired, ensuring every guardian stays involved.

Moreover, Klassroom caters to the evolving family dynamics of the modern world. It allows involvement from multiple households, meaning divorced or separated parents can stay equally connected to their child’s educational journey.

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Co-founders’ Vision and Klassroom’s Impact

Klassroom’s co-founders, Frank-David Cohen and Damien Rottemberg, have been friends since childhood. Their shared dream of making a positive impact in the world finally materialized in 2016. They initially designed the first Klassroom app prototype to better connect with their children’s education as divorced fathers. The app was an instant hit in both Paris and New York, gaining enthusiastic adoption by teachers and a 95% parent view rate of all classroom communication.

Since its inception, Klassroom has maintained nearly perfect satisfaction ratings, thanks to its continuous commitment to cater to teacher’s needs. The app is currently being used across thousands of English, French, and Spanish-speaking classrooms in 30 countries, underlining its wide-reaching impact.

In the realm of education communication, Klassroom offers an innovative, engaging, and inclusive solution that caters to the needs of both educators and parents. Here at, we are delighted to showcase the inspiring work of Klassroom, and we look forward to watching its continuous progress in transforming elementary school communication.


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