Startup Showcase: Fidly – Revolutionizing Loyalty Programs with Blockchain

Transforming Customer Engagement with Blockchain-Powered

Today’s Startup Showcase highlights Fidly, a Boulogne-Billancourt-based startup that is set to revolutionize the loyalty program landscape. By leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology and a sophisticated loyalty program, Fidly offers a seamless and powerful solution to drive high customer engagement and value.

Blockchain Meets Loyalty: The Fidly Solution

Fidly is a robust, plug-and-play SaaS solution designed to transform customer engagement by leveraging blockchain technology and an advanced loyalty program. It aims to reduce management costs and enhance customer satisfaction by fostering program interoperability and exchanges within a robust loyalty ecosystem.

It’s no secret that many consumers never redeem their points, often due to a lack of awareness about their points balance or potential rewards. Fidly aims to address this issue by not only enabling cross-program exchanges but also fostering point exchanges between consumers. This ultimately leads to the ability to convert loyalty tokens into crypto assets or fiat currency, all securely managed in a digital wallet.

The Benefits of Fidly: Bridging the Gap between Brands and Customers

With its unique blend of technology and customer engagement strategies, Fidly offers multiple benefits. For businesses, it helps decrease management, transactional, and customer acquisition costs while providing a robust, secure, and reliable blockchain infrastructure within a non-volatile ecosystem. Simultaneously, it tokenizes loyalty points from any program using blockchain technology, offering customers the opportunity to give, sell, and exchange loyalty points with full transparency on the blockchain network through smart contracts.

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Furthermore, Fidly enables customers to manage all their loyalty rewards in real time through a single wallet, making it accessible for all parties. This approach transforms loyalty programs into a significant business opportunity for brands and cities.

The Vision and Future of Fidly

The vision behind Fidly is to introduce unique blockchain technology to the loyalty industry, helping companies increase customer engagement and satisfaction, while decreasing friction in loyalty programs by providing powerful rewards via tokenization. Fidly equips brands with powerful marketing features, transparency, and a plug-and-play solution, which enhances retention and acquisition while reducing management costs, proving profitable for the entire ecosystem.

With blockchain technology as the backbone, Fidly is carving a new niche in customer loyalty programs. The brand aims to build an interconnected ecosystem where businesses and customers can exchange value seamlessly, efficiently, and transparently. At, we’re excited to showcase Fidly’s innovative solution, and we look forward to seeing its continued impact on the loyalty program sector.


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