Startup Showcase: InPose – Your Fashion Challenges App

Unleash Your Style Creativity and Win InPoints!

Step into the world of fashion creativity and challenges with InPose, the Vienna-based startup that has revolutionized the way we share, rate, and discover outfits. InPose is the go-to platform for fashion enthusiasts to showcase their style, participate in themed challenges, gain InPoints, and get inspired by a vibrant community of trendsetters.

Unleash Your Style Creativity with InPose

Fashion Challenges with InPose: InPose brings a fresh and exciting approach to fashion with its platform for presenting and rating outfits based on specific themes. Say goodbye to conventional fashion showcases and embrace the thrill of themed challenges where you can showcase your unique style to a community of fashion enthusiasts.

InPoints: Your Path to Recognition: InPose introduces the concept of InPoints, which play a pivotal role on the platform. You earn InPoints by receiving likes and followers from other users. The more impressive your outfits, the higher your chances of gaining InPoints and climbing the ranks on the Styleboard, the leaderboard for fashion influencers.

The Styleboard: A Showcase for Fashion Influencers

Recognizing the Trendsetters: The Styleboard is the ultimate showcase for fashion influencers, displaying the top 30 users based on their InPoints. As you gain popularity and admiration from the community, your chances of making it to the coveted Styleboard increase, putting you at the forefront of fashion inspiration.

Challenges: Elevate Your Fashion Game

Themed Fashion Challenges: Challenges are the heart and soul of InPose. During these challenges, users present their outfits based on specific themes. Whether it’s a New Year’s Eve Party, a beach vacation, or a streetwear look, challenges let you unleash your creativity and style to the fullest.

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The Challenge Process: To create a challenge, simply select a picture of yourself wearing an outfit and describe it with relevant tags. Invite your friends to join the challenge and compete for the top spot. For participants, joining a challenge is as easy as picking a theme, uploading an outfit picture, and describing it with tags. The community then rates the outfits, and winners are announced based on the community’s preferences.

Inspiration & Shopping: A World of Fashion at Your Fingertips

Your Lookbook & Style Inspiration: InPose goes beyond challenges and serves as your personal lookbook. Browse through outfits for various occasions and get inspired by different styles, from casual to elegant. Discover outfit combinations and trends from fellow community members, influencers, celebrities, and bloggers.

Find Your Perfect Piece: Have a piece of clothing you love but need ideas on how to style it? Look no further! InPose allows you to search for specific items of clothing and find outfits that feature them. You can like, save, and follow outfits that catch your eye, ensuring you stay on top of the latest trends and inspirations.

Discover New Brands and Shops: Shopaholics, rejoice! InPose lets you explore new fashion labels, brands, and shops tagged in outfits. Say goodbye to fashion FOMO and always know where to buy the perfect piece to complete your wardrobe.


InPose is the ultimate playground for fashion enthusiasts, where style creativity knows no bounds. Whether you’re looking for outfit inspirations, eager to participate in themed challenges, or craving recognition as a fashion influencer, InPose has something for everyone. Join the vibrant community and express your unique style on InPose!

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For more fashion fun and creativity, visit InPose’s website and follow them on social media:

Website: InPose

Twitter: InPose on Twitter

Facebook: InPose on Facebook

LinkedIn: InPose on LinkedIn

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