Startup Showcase: REBEL Internet – Disrupting Online Marketing

An innovative online marketing company, REBEL Internet is shaking up the industry with its unique and groundbreaking concepts. Based in Nieuw-amsterdam, Drenthe, The Netherlands, REBEL has been operating for 6 years and is dedicated to developing online marketing solutions where opportunities arise.

The company’s focus on developing its own concepts sets it apart from the competition, and its new name, REBEL Internet, reflects its commitment to disrupting the status quo. With a background in affiliate marketing, REBEL has earned a reputation for driving results and generating revenue for its clients.

In this Startup Showcase, we take a closer look at REBEL Internet, its history, and what makes it stand out in the crowded online marketing space.

The Origin of REBEL Internet

REBEL Internet was originally established as Netoda Internet Marketing and was focused on affiliate marketing. The company earned revenue by sending visitors to online stores like and and receiving a portion of the order value.

However, as competition in the affiliate marketing space increased, REBEL realized that it needed to differentiate itself and develop its own concepts. This led to the creation of REBEL Internet, a name that reflects the company’s rebellious spirit and its commitment to doing things differently.

Innovative Online Concepts

One of REBEL’s core strengths is its ability to identify opportunities in the online marketing space and develop innovative concepts to capitalize on them. For example, the company operates a discount website, several comparison websites, and an auction site.

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Each of these concepts is designed to offer value to consumers and drive results for REBEL’s clients. The company’s focus on developing its own concepts sets it apart from the competition and helps it to stay ahead of the curve.

Managing an Auction Website

REBEL’s auction site is a prime example of the company’s innovative approach to online marketing. By managing an auction website, REBEL is able to drive traffic and generate revenue for its clients in a unique and engaging way.

The auction site offers consumers a fun and interactive way to shop, while also providing businesses with an opportunity to reach a large and engaged audience. This innovative approach has helped REBEL to establish itself as a leader in the online marketing space and to differentiate itself from its competitors.


REBEL Internet is an innovative online marketing company that is dedicated to developing unique and groundbreaking concepts. With a focus on managing its own concepts, REBEL sets itself apart from the competition and continues to drive results for its clients.

If you’re looking for a company that is committed to doing things differently and making a real impact in the online marketing space, REBEL Internet is the company for you.


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