Startup Showcase: Revolutionizing Word-of-Mouth Recommendations with CoolBeez

If you’re an online shop owner, you know that word-of-mouth recommendations are a powerful marketing tool. But, in most cases, there’s no clear way for the store to benefit from these recommendations. That’s where CoolBeez comes in. CoolBeez is a Berlin-based startup that helps online shops boost their revenues and attract new clients by making word-of-mouth recommendations work for them.

What CoolBeez Does

CoolBeez makes winning new customers and generating more sales via recommendations and referrals easier and faster than ever. The platform connects online shops with their customers and allows them to benefit from word-of-mouth recommendations. When a customer recommends a product they bought from the shop to a friend, that friend receives an email with a link leading straight to the product in the shop’s store. This makes it easy for the friend to purchase the product and helps the original store get that sale.

How CoolBeez Works

Connecting your store with CoolBeez is simple and quick. All you need to do is integrate the CoolBeez platform into your store, and your customers will start receiving emails with links to your store every time they recommend a product. There’s no need to worry about managing the process yourself – CoolBeez takes care of it all.

Why CoolBeez Works for Online Shops

We all recommend things we buy online to our friends all the time, but in most cases, the shop that sold the product doesn’t benefit from these recommendations. That’s because the recommendations are usually for the product, not the product and the store. CoolBeez changes this by making it easy for the original store to get the sale. With CoolBeez, your customers will be able to recommend your products and your store to their friends, increasing your chances of winning new customers and generating more sales.

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CoolBeez is a game-changer for online shops, offering an innovative solution for boosting revenues and attracting new clients. By making word-of-mouth recommendations work for online shops, CoolBeez is revolutionizing the way online shops can benefit from this powerful marketing tool. If you’re an online shop owner, be sure to check out CoolBeez today.




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