Startup Showcase: Codeasy – The Interactive Way to Learn Programming

Are you interested in learning programming but don’t know where to start? Look no further than, an online educational course designed to teach absolute beginners programming in a story-telling and interactive way. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Codeasy is changing the game in programming education.

What Codeasy Does is an online platform that teaches beginners programming in a story-telling and interactive way. The course is designed for absolute beginners and does not require any prior knowledge to start. The focus is on helping people write their first, second, and third program without even realizing it. The course consists of 80% practical tasks and allows you to code directly in the online compiler, check your code, and get help with writing correct code.

How Codeasy Works

Codeasy is designed to be easy and accessible for anyone. The course is structured in a way that helps you get into coding in the easiest possible way. The online compiler allows you to code directly and get feedback on your progress. You’ll also receive online assistance from mentors who are professional programmers, ensuring you stay up-to-date with the latest software development trends.

Why Codeasy is the Perfect Solution

Codeasy is not just about getting a job or diving into complex details of every subject. It’s about empowering absolute beginners to get into coding in the easiest possible way. With its story-telling approach, interactive platform, and online assistance from mentors, Codeasy is the perfect solution for anyone looking to learn programming from scratch.

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Conclusion is revolutionizing the way people learn programming, offering an interactive and accessible solution for absolute beginners. Whether you’re looking to learn programming for personal or professional reasons, Codeasy is the perfect solution. Be sure to check out the website today and start your journey to becoming a programmer.




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