Startup Showcase: Revolutionizing Electric Vehicle Charging with EVBox

The global leader in sustainable mobility, shaping the future of emission-free transport.

EVBox, a leading global manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations and charging management software, is revolutionizing the way people charge their electric vehicles. Based in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands, EVBox is driving sustainable mobility by providing smart and scalable charging infrastructure and charging management software to electric vehicles around the world. With over 150,000 charging points across more than 70 countries, EVBox is helping businesses and cities contribute to a future where everyday transport is emission-free.

The Birth of EVBox

EVBox was founded in 2010 when the market for electric vehicles was still in its infancy. The founders of EVBox predicted that demand for charging infrastructure would skyrocket and set their sights on a clear concept: a fully modular charging station that’s easy to use and that can stand the test of time. Thanks to their foresight and imagination, EVBox became the sole provider of public charging infrastructure in cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Monaco.

Acquisition and Expansion

In 2017, EVBox was acquired by energy utility company and global service provider, ENGIE, who identified them as a disruptive cleantech scale-up making an impact in the fast-growing electric mobility industry. In 2018, EVBox acquired the ultra-fast charging station manufacturer, EVTronic, adding the first 1,000 fast-charging stations to their European network. Today, with projects running across Europe, North America, and South America, EVBox is launching their new generation of residential, commercial, public, and fast-charging solutions that will make electric vehicle charging more accessible than ever.

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Promoting Smart Charging Technologies and Roaming

EVBox has also played an active role in promoting smart charging technologies and roaming of charging infrastructure with industry partners and public organizations. The company is dedicated to making electric vehicle charging more accessible and convenient for everyone, and their charging management software is designed to help customers manage their charging infrastructure and ensure that their electric vehicles are charged efficiently and effectively.


EVBox is revolutionizing the way people charge their electric vehicles, making sustainable mobility a reality. With over 150,000 charging points across more than 70 countries, EVBox is shaping the future of emission-free transport and helping businesses and cities contribute to a cleaner, greener future.





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