Startup Showcase: Stagecrush – Your Online Music Collection

A social platform for music lovers to collect, share, and discover new music.

Music lovers rejoice! Stagecrush is like Pinterest for music, providing its users with a platform to collect music in a socially connected way. Based in Heidelberg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, Stagecrush aims to recapture the magic of building relationships with music collections that has been lost in the world of streaming services like Spotify and YouTube. With its strong visual elements, such as album art, music videos, and performance footage, Stagecrush allows users to connect with music in a more complete way.

Collecting Music in a Visual Way

Compared to other music sites, Stagecrush is very visual and designed to integrate the strong visual elements of music. The site offers a platform to collect music in a socially connected way, allowing users to create limitless musical playlists with their friends. Stagecrush even boasts one of the largest music artist databases in the world, with nearly 150k artists.

A One-Stop-Shop for Live Music Venues

In addition to its music collection features, Stagecrush also offers a public directory of all live music venues throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Ireland. These venue pages display all of the latest Foursquare data, such as venue tips, who’s there, and check-ins, as well as all of the upcoming live concerts for each venue through a custom-built Songkick feed and any relevant Flick photos.

Interactive and Accessible to Everyone

The Stagecrush site is fully interactive and all features are available to the general public. Users can join the site using email, Twitter, or Facebook and start creating their own music collections and sharing songs. All parts of the Stagecrush site were built by a team of American ex-pats living in Germany, making Stagecrush a true music lover’s paradise.

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With its combination of music collection and live music venue features, Stagecrush is a one-stop-shop for all things music. Whether you’re a music collector, a live music fan, or just someone who loves discovering new music, Stagecrush is the social platform for you.




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