Startup Showcase: Bilprospekt – Driving Innovation in Automotive Sales and – The Ultimate Sales and Analytics Tools for the Automotive Industry

Welcome to Bilprospekt, the Swedish start-up company revolutionizing the automotive industry with its innovative suite of tools designed to help businesses and individuals make informed decisions about car sales and marketing. Based in the THINK incubator in Helsingborg, Bilprospekt offers two products, and, that cater to the needs of car dealerships and customers alike. – The Most Innovative and Colorful Prospect, Leads, and Analytics Tool for the Automotive Industry is a one-of-a-kind tool that provides deep insights into the automotive market in Sweden. With, you can access data about car owners, both individuals and enterprises, and get detailed information about your competitors’ customers. You can also find potential customers and monitor their activity to know the outcome of your marketing campaigns and sales strategies. This tool is more than just a lead management system – it’s a powerful way to stay ahead of the competition and get the latest information about your current customers and the market. is a dream come true for anyone working in automotive sales. – The Easiest Way to Find the Best New Car Deal

Buying a new car can be a daunting and time-consuming task, but simplifies the process by providing a reverse auction platform that lets you collect and gather offers from several dealerships at the same time. Say you want to buy a new Volkswagen – there are around 100 Volkswagen dealerships in Sweden, and each dealership sets its own prices for its products. Instead of doing the legwork yourself, you can put down a request for a specific new car on, and the requests are presented to the dealerships and sales reps. through their account. This ensures that you get the best deal without the hassle of negotiating with multiple dealerships.

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Driving Innovation in Automotive Sales

Bilprospekt is driving innovation in the automotive industry by providing cutting-edge tools that simplify the sales process and provide deep insights into the market. By combining its proprietary data with its easy-to-use interface, Bilprospekt is changing the way car dealerships and customers interact with each other. Its innovative approach to lead management and reverse auctions is making car buying and selling easier and more efficient than ever before.

Experience the Future of Automotive Sales Today

Bilprospekt is committed to providing its customers with the best possible tools to make informed decisions about car sales and marketing. With and, you can access deep insights into the automotive market, find potential customers, monitor their activity, and get the best deals on new cars. Experience the future of automotive sales today with Bilprospekt.





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