Startup Showcase: EIDA Software Solutions – Reshaping Construction

Transforming the mechanical and electrical sectors through tech

Born out of the vibrant tech scene of Dublin, Ireland, EIDA Software Solutions is a pioneer in providing cutting-edge SaaS solutions specifically tailored for mechanical and electrical contractors working in commercial and industrial construction projects. Since its establishment in 2010, EIDA has been breaking new ground with its unique approach to addressing the industry’s longstanding challenges.

Revolutionising The Construction Industry

Traditionally, the construction sector has been hesitant in embracing IT solutions to streamline the project delivery process. EIDA has responded to this by developing a software solution that precisely meets the needs of construction engineering professionals rather than focusing solely on IT capabilities. This has led to the creation of a product that accelerates and simplifies the execution of complex construction projects, setting EIDA apart from other software solutions.

EIDA’s software, powered by their unique logic, integrates directly with Building Information Modelling (BIM) systems, a rapidly growing practice revolutionising how construction projects are executed. This integration enables Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) contractors to add value across the entire lifecycle of construction projects.

The results of this innovative approach are evident in EIDA’s project outcomes. The incorporation of in-built construction processes, collaboratively used by all users, has led to improved project outputs. EIDA’s commitment to constant improvement aligns with the Lean Construction paradigm, making their solution ever more desirable in a market hungry for efficiency.

More Than Just a Software Provider

More than a software company, EIDA Solutions is a hub of innovation, believing in the power of research and development to provide new ways for clients to maximise productivity, quality, and return on investment. They are dedicated to enabling their clients to reduce operating costs, enhance quality, and optimise site performance, offering a service that distinctively positions them in the marketplace.

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Looking Ahead

EIDA Solutions’ dedication to delivering a scalable, resilient, and well-supported product has set them up for success. Their commitment to their customers extends beyond the software, ensuring that they can focus on delivering world-class construction engineering projects without worrying about technological hurdles.

EIDA Software Solutions is an exemplary representation of the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit that permeates Europe’s startup scene, offering a solution that not only disrupts the traditional approach to construction but also ushers in a new era of digital construction.


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