Startup Showcase: InfiCure Bio – Trailblazing Research

Umeå's rising star in the fight against fibrosis and chronic inflammation

In the dynamic world of biotechnology, the freshest innovator to step into the spotlight is InfiCure Bio. Headquartered in the thriving life sciences hub of Umeå, Sweden, InfiCure Bio represents a novel approach to fibrosis and inflammation studies. Founded in 2015 by Prof. Dan Holmberg and Dr. Sofia Mayans, InfiCure Bio has already carved out a niche for itself in the competitive biotech industry.

Revolutionizing Fibrosis Research

The uniqueness of InfiCure Bio lies in its proprietary preclinical model for studying fibrosis. Developed from extensive research conducted by Prof. Holmberg and Dr. Mayans at the Universities of Umeå and Lund, this model has the unique capability of spontaneously developing fibrosis in multiple organs. This, coupled with the preceding chronic inflammation, makes the model resemble many human conditions, making it a potentially game-changing tool for pharmaceutical companies to test new anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic drugs.

Unlike other models, InfiCure Bio’s model goes beyond mere development of fibrosis; it allows researchers to observe and analyse chronic conditions such as liver and kidney disease. This model could potentially contribute significantly to the development of treatments for these chronic diseases, providing hope for millions of patients worldwide.

A Stellar Beginning

The inception of InfiCure Bio was at the Umeå Biotech Incubator (UBI) in 2013, initially as a project. The founders leveraged their expertise in inflammation and fibrosis research, as well as preclinical models, to establish InfiCure Bio as a standalone entity in 2015. Since then, the company has been making strides in their industry, offering comprehensive services to pharmaceutical companies. Their offering includes setup, execution, analysis, and reporting of results from the effect tests.

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Looking Ahead

As InfiCure Bio continues to grow and innovate, the future looks promising. The company’s unique position and specialized focus on inflammation and fibrosis research makes it a highly attractive partner for pharmaceutical companies looking to develop effective treatments for chronic diseases.

InfiCure Bio’s ground-breaking work in the field of life sciences proves yet again the dynamism and innovation that characterizes the European startup scene. The biotech sector in particular stands as testament to the exciting breakthroughs that can occur when science, business acumen, and entrepreneurial spirit meet.


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