Startup Showcase: Airchip – Revolutionizing Ordering and Payments at Festivals and Music Venues

Bringing Convenience to Festivals and Busy Music Venues with Airchip

Welcome to, your window into the world of innovative startups in the European Union. In this edition, we present Airchip, a game-changing startup that aims to transform the way people order and pay for drinks at festivals and music venues. With a focus on efficiency and reliability, Airchip brings comfort to crowded events, ensuring you never waste precious time waiting in long lines for your favorite beverage.

The Age-Old Struggle: Slow Ordering at Festivals

The Festival Dilemma: Picture this – you’re at a lively music festival or a bustling music venue, and you’re eager to grab a refreshing drink. However, you find yourself stuck in an excruciatingly long line, wasting time that could be better spent enjoying the festivities. Ordering drinks at busy events has been a challenge for ages, and Airchip is here to change that.

Airchip: The Solution to Long Queues and Slow Service

Efficiency and Reliability: Airchip introduces an app that addresses the age-old dilemma of slow service at popular event venues. With Airchip, you have two convenient options – pre-order your drinks for pickup or have them delivered directly to your location. Imagine the convenience of Uber Eats on the dance floor, ensuring you never miss a moment of fun.

Seamless Integration: Airchip’s real value lies in its seamless integration with any financial system, such as plastic festival coins, contactless payments, or standard cash registers. This adaptability makes onboarding a breeze, allowing event organizers and venue owners to implement Airchip within minutes.

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Airchip’s Technical and Strategic Advantages

Redundant Connectivity Engine: Airchip boasts a unique redundant connectivity engine that ensures uninterrupted service even in areas with spotty 4G coverage. This feature is particularly crucial for events where internet connectivity can be a challenge.

Cryptographic Model for Offline Transactions: Airchip’s POS devices are equipped with a secure cryptographic model, enabling them to process transactions offline. This innovation ensures that payment processing remains smooth and reliable, regardless of connectivity issues.

Founder’s Deep Industry Experience: Airchip’s Founder-CEO brings a wealth of experience in the festival industry, having produced, promoted, designed, and staffed festivals with his previous company. This expertise uniquely positions Airchip to understand the specific needs of festival-goers and venue operators.


Airchip is revolutionizing the way people order and pay for drinks at festivals and music venues. By offering efficient pre-ordering and delivery options, Airchip eliminates long queues and slow service, giving attendees more time to enjoy the event. With seamless integration, redundant connectivity, and a secure cryptographic model, Airchip ensures a hassle-free experience for both users and event organizers.

To discover more about Airchip and experience the convenience it brings to festival and music venue experiences, visit their website and social media channels:

Website: Airchip

Facebook: Airchip on Facebook

LinkedIn: Airchip on LinkedIn

Demo Video: Airchip Demo Video

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