Startup Showcase: Ellipsis Drive – Empowering Spatial Data Collaboration

Unleashing the Power of Spatial Data with Ellipsis Drive Introduction

Welcome to, your go-to source for discovering innovative startups within the European Union. In this edition, we bring you Ellipsis Drive, a cutting-edge cloud-native solution that revolutionizes how professionals collaborate, share, and monetize spatial data. Based in Ede, Gelderland, Netherlands, Ellipsis Drive empowers users to harness the potential of spatial data for optimized operations and effective decision-making.

The Power of Spatial Data Unlocked: Introducing Ellipsis Drive

Empowering Collaboration: Spatial data plays a critical role in optimizing sustainable operations across various industries. However, traditional methods of sharing and collaborating on spatial data have been cumbersome and time-consuming. Ellipsis Drive steps in to bridge this gap by offering a cloud-native plug-and-play solution that streamlines the exchange of spatial content.

Activating Spatial Data in Minutes: With Ellipsis Drive, any professional can activate, manage, and share spatial content via the web in under 10 minutes. This ease of use empowers users to quickly publish their data as online projects, making them findable and accessible to authorized stakeholders across organizations and disciplines.

The Ellipsis Drive Advantage: Key Features and Benefits

Platform Independence Made Easy: Ellipsis Drive provides frictionless access to spatial data, making it platform-independent. This means users can access and utilize the content seamlessly, regardless of the software or tools they use. This flexibility fosters collaboration and eliminates barriers to data exchange.

License-Free Collaboration: With Ellipsis Drive, collaboration knows no bounds. The platform offers unlimited sharing and collaboration without any licensing restrictions, allowing users to connect and exchange spatial data freely. This open approach enables widespread adoption and accelerates data-driven decision-making.

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Full Ownership and Control: Ellipsis Drive values data ownership and empowers users to maintain full control over their spatial content. This means users can confidently share, collaborate, and even commercialize their data without facing any limitations or constraints.

Empowering a World of Possibilities: Unlocking Spatial Data’s True Potential

Transforming Industries: Ellipsis Drive is making its mark across various industries where spatial data is a game-changer. From urban planning and architecture to logistics, environmental management, and beyond, Ellipsis Drive empowers professionals to leverage spatial data for enhanced efficiency and sustainability.

Accelerating Sustainable Practices: The ability to collaborate and share spatial data effortlessly through Ellipsis Drive is instrumental in promoting sustainable practices. By facilitating data-driven decision-making, Ellipsis Drive contributes to eco-friendly strategies and smarter resource allocation.


Ellipsis Drive is a trailblazing startup that unleashes the true power of spatial data. With its cloud-native plug-and-play solution, it empowers professionals to activate, manage, and share spatial content seamlessly. Through platform-independent access, unlimited collaboration, and data ownership, Ellipsis Drive fosters a world of possibilities for optimized operations and sustainable practices.

To learn more about Ellipsis Drive and experience the power of spatial data collaboration, visit their website and social media channels:

Website: Ellipsis Drive

Twitter: Ellipsis Drive on Twitter

LinkedIn: Ellipsis Drive on LinkedIn

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