Startup Showcase: AIO

Designing Sustainable Factories for the Future

Welcome to, your portal to the most exciting startups in Europe. In this special feature, we present AIO, a visionary company based in Pessac, France. AIO is committed to sustainability and revolutionizing factory operations with their innovative Karakuri and Kaizen solutions, all part of a lean manufacturing approach. Join us as we explore how AIO is driving the future of sustainable factories, where people and nature take center stage, and operational efficiency meets environmental responsibility.

Empowering Sustainable Factories

AIO is dedicated to creating the factory of the future, where sustainability, efficiency, and human well-being converge. With a strong focus on people and nature, AIO’s mission is to design workspaces where operators can work comfortably and safely, with their tasks simplified and their efforts reduced. By nurturing workers’ expertise and incorporating sustainable practices, AIO aims to achieve operational excellence while minimizing environmental impact.

Karakuri Kaizen: Passive Robots for a Greener Future

AIO’s innovation shines through their Karakuri Kaizen solutions, which involve the integration of passive robots into green and efficient production lines. By implementing mechanical tricks and frugal, turnkey devices, AIO enhances ergonomics and reduces operation times, contributing to a more human-centered and eco-friendly manufacturing environment. Avoiding wasteful production lines and promoting flexibility, AIO’s Karakuri Kaizen approach empowers companies to create lean, sustainable, and efficient factories.

Numii: Real-Time Data for Human Working Conditions

At AIO, creating a favorable working environment for health and safety is a top priority. AIO has developed Numii, a revolutionary real-time dataset for human working conditions. Numii utilizes digital factory twins to provide valuable insights into production lines, enabling companies to optimize operations and ensure the well-being of their workers. This CES award-winning invention empowers businesses to promote decent work conditions, mitigating occupational exhaustion and fostering a workforce that is healthy, productive, and engaged.

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Towards Conscious Manufacturing

AIO’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the factory floor. By promoting conscious manufacturing, AIO aims to contribute to a sustainable society. By optimizing factory layouts, embracing eco-friendly practices, and nurturing human talent, AIO exemplifies how businesses can have a positive impact on the environment and society as a whole.


AIO is leading the charge towards sustainable factories of the future. By integrating Karakuri Kaizen solutions, passive robots, and real-time data analytics, AIO empowers companies to create efficient, human-centered, and eco-friendly production lines. With a strong focus on sustainability, AIO not only enhances operational efficiency but also prioritizes the well-being of workers and the preservation of the environment.

Through their innovative solutions and dedication to conscious manufacturing, AIO is setting a new standard for the industrial field, paving the way for a more sustainable and responsible future.


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