Unveiling Creativity: 15 Exciting Art Tech Startups in Lombardia, Italy

Leveraging the power of technology to revolutionize the world of art, these startups from Lombardia, Italy are leading the way in innovative solutions.

Akamas: Optimizing Service Performance with AI

Founded by Stefano Doni, Akamas delivers unmatched levels of service performance and resilience with its AI-powered autonomous optimization solution. The startup effectively uses machine learning and cloud computing to enhance analytics and application performance management.

Vocalime: Building Conversational Interfaces

With co-founders Gianluca Acerbis and Victor Molaschi at the helm, Vocalime designs and builds conversational interfaces. Utilizing AI, the company is reshaping product design and software development.

Anylogix: Enhancing Asset Management with AI

Anylogix seeks to augment the investment process in asset management companies with its explainable AI technology. The startup’s integration of AI and fintech is transforming the finance industry.

Daskell: Pioneering AI Research and Ventures

Daskell, founded by Christian Sciuto, Federico Pucci, and Lorenzo Tarantino, serves as an AI research center and venture studio. The company effectively employs AI and big data to foster software development.

FutureCare: Home Care System for the Elderly

FutureCare has developed an AI-based home care system for the elderly. This innovation in elder care technology is providing a much-needed support system for seniors at home.

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360MAKER: Immersive Experiences with AR, VR, and AI

360MAAKER offers augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence services. The startup is creating immersive experiences that blend technology with reality.

ADAM: Predicting Negative Events with AI

ADAM is an AI solutions company that develops tools to predict the occurrence of negative events. Their use of predictive analytics and AI showcases the power of data-driven insights.

RnB4culture: Enhancing Historical-Cultural Heritage

RnB4Culture is a startup dedicated to promoting and enhancing historical-cultural heritage. Utilizing AI, hardware, and software, they’re bringing a fresh perspective to heritage conservation.

Electric Sheep Solutions: Unlocking Value through AI

Co-founded by Alessandro Sanino and Alfredo Giardina, Electric Sheep Solutions helps businesses identify key areas where AI can add the most value.

Miranda: Web App Development Services

Miranda is a software development company offering web app services. This startup uses AI, web development techniques, and IT solutions to create efficient and user-friendly web apps.

InCodice: Digitizing SMEs

InCodice provides services including SME digitization, big data analytics, AI, and production management. Their contribution to the digitization of small and medium-sized enterprises is significant.

BEYOND THE BOX: On-demand Support from Experts

Co-founded by Aleksandra Maravic and Massimo Ciccarone, BEYOND THE BOX is a subscription-based platform that provides on-demand support from professional experts through 1:1 video calls.

Aerodynamics: AI and Digital Transformation Consulting

Aerodynamics offers consulting services and develops products in artificial intelligence, digital transformation, and industry 4.0. They’re leading the way in advising businesses on digital solutions and product development.

GBR Systems: Specialized Tech Solutions

GBR Systems specializes in AI, blockchain, digital systems, IoT, and IT infrastructure. Their comprehensive tech solutions are reshaping various industries.

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AIT: Multi-faceted IT Solutions

AIT is an IT company offering IoT, blockchain, AI, and RPA solutions. This innovative company is at the forefront of integrating various tech solutions for enhanced productivity and efficiency.

These startups in Lombardia, Italy, are leveraging technology to bring about unprecedented innovations in the world of art and beyond. Their unique approach and creative solutions serve as an inspiration for the global tech scene.

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