Revolutionizing Innovation Management: A New Era in Open Source Communities?

Key Takeaways:

  • Guaana is an Estonian startup revolutionising how we approach the field of innovation management.
  • Specialises in running online innovation and research challenges.
  • Seeks to enhance collaboration and transparency in scientific work’s evaluation by adapting non-research focused solutions to the research funding and innovation sphere.
  • The platform significantly enhances efficiency in distributing research grants and facilitates global engagement in online hackathons and idea workshops.
  • Guaana uses one comprehensive app, removing the need to switch between different systems while managing research and innovation challenges.

The rise and evolution of open source communities have played a significant role in enabling collaboration, innovation, and transparency in various fields. In this context, we turn our attention to Guaana, an Estonian startup that has developed a unique approach to transforming how we handle innovation management. Founded in Estonia in 2014, often dubbed the world’s most digital country, Guaana has emerged as a community-based platform designed to host online innovation and research challenges.

The focus of Guaana is not merely re-inventing the wheel but to adapt and customise existing strategies from non-research applications to address the challenges faced in research funding. The end goal? To streamline the evaluation of scientific work in ways that boost collaboration and transparency in the process.

In today’s innovation landscape, Guaana distinguishes itself with a novel platform that breaks down barriers and channels the power of open-source communities for problem-solving. The platform accelerates the grant distribution process six times while being 75% more efficient. It enables global participation in hackathons while eliminating manual activities.

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Moreover, it facilitates global idea gatherings through online workshops, significantly reducing travel time, administrative requirements, and expenditure. All these activities occur seamlessly in one application, eliminating the need for juggling multiple systems and data files, thereby streamlining innovation and research management.

As we navigate towards a future driven by innovation and open-source communities, Guaana’s potential cannot be understated. Their current platform offerings herald a transformative effect in the way ideas are germinated and channelled into research and innovation. In harnessing the collaboration and transparency power intrinsic to open-source communities, Guaana is poised to spearhead a new era in comprehensive innovation management.

We encourage everyone to keep an eye on this game-changing startup. Feel free to explore more about them on their website, or connect through their social profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. As Guaana continues to challenge the status quo, we keenly anticipate how they will shape the landscape of open-source community-driven innovation and research management.

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