Is OmniChannel Payment the Future of European FinTech Industry?

Key Takeaways:

  • Payplaza, an innovative omnichannel payment solution provider based in Amsterdam, is reshaping the European FinTech industry.
  • With its revolutionary payment platform, Payplaza has rolled out unique solutions for Point-of-Sale card acceptance across Europe.
  • Payplaza expects to process over 300 million transactions in 2016, highlighting a remarkable yearly two-digit growth.
  • Having secured PCI level 1 certification, Payplaza incorporates advanced encryption technology in line with the most stringent international security standards.
  • Payplaza’s reach is currently spanning across 17 European countries, with future plans of venturing into US and Asian markets.

Founded in 2010, Amsterdam-based Payplaza is making waves in the European fintech industry through its cutting-edge omnichannel payment solution. Recognized as a global leader in payment software, the innovative startup headed by Edgar Antonio Plasa, has accumulated over 20 years of experience in financial and payment operations. It is revolutionizing the landscape of omnichannel payment, which could potentially hold the reins for the future of the fintech industry in Europe.

Payplaza’s product suite offers powerful advantages to their partners and clients, demonstrated by their impressive geographical presence in 17 European countries. The company is expected to handle a whopping 300 million-plus transactions in 2016, indicating promising and sustainable growth. In addition, the startup has marked its authority in the fintech space, earning PCI level 1 certification, and adhering to the highest security regulations through its advanced full encryption technology.

The success of Payplaza can be attributed largely to its differentiated business model and unique product offering. The revolutionary payment platform developed by Payplaza offers a seamless omnichannel service for Point-of-Sale card acceptance. This effectively bridges the gap between online and offline sales channels, providing customers with a smooth and integrated payment experience. The platform’s strength isn’t just limited to its efficiency and convenience – Payplaza has managed to successfully secure user data with robust encryption technology meeting strict international security standards.

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The impressive transaction volume expected by Payplaza suggests that the company has found a solid customer base for their secure and efficient payment solutions. Moreover, its expansion in diverse geographical regions shows a clear indication of the scalability of its business model and readiness in navigating through different financial ecosystems.

As the fintech industry in Europe continues to evolve, the rise of innovators like Payplaza becomes more crucial than ever. The company’s unique ability to provide secure, efficient, omni-channel payment solutions represents a significant leap forward into the future of fintech. With plans of future expansion into the US and Asian markets, Payplaza’s impact seems poised to transcend beyond just the European fintech scene.

For an industry that demands constant innovation and adaptation, Payplaza seems to be consistently meeting the challenge, positioning themselves as a key player in the future of fintech not just in Europe but globally as well.

To find out more about Payplaza, visit their website here or follow them on their social media channels: Twitter, LinkedIn.

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