Startup Showcase: Arabesque S-Ray – Leading the Way in Sustainable Investing

As the world increasingly focuses on sustainability, investors are seeking more transparent and reliable ways to assess the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance of companies. This is where Arabesque S-Ray comes in. The Frankfurt-based startup is a leading provider of sustainability data, advisory, and research services, with a quantitative algorithmic approach that combines big data and ESG metrics to assess the performance of listed companies worldwide. In this startup showcase, we explore the innovative work of Arabesque S-Ray and how it is empowering investors, corporates, and other stakeholders to make more sustainable decisions.

Revolutionizing Sustainable Investing

Arabesque S-Ray was established independently in 2013 as part of the Arabesque Group, which includes Arabesque Asset Management and Arabesque AI. The mission of the Group is to enable clients and other stakeholders to implement sustainability in their investments and financial decision-making. Arabesque S-Ray uses a proprietary methodology that leverages big data technology to minimize human bias and combine over 250 ESG long-term metrics with news and NGO signals from over 30,000 sources to provide more dynamic and responsive daily scores. This approach provides increased transparency into a company’s long- and short-term risks and opportunities by analyzing its corporate DNA through a range of sustainability lenses.

Empowering Sustainable Decisions

Arabesque S-Ray’s services are used by a range of leading financial institutions, investors, corporations, and consultants, together with media organizations and other stakeholder groups. Its investors include Allianz X, Commerz Real AG, DWS Group, Helaba Digital, and Land Hessen. The company has offices in London, Frankfurt, Singapore, and Boston, empowering investors, corporates, and other stakeholders across the world to make more sustainable decisions.

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Innovative Technology

Arabesque S-Ray’s proprietary technology analyzes sustainability data on thousands of companies worldwide, empowering clients to make better-informed decisions. The company adopts a quantitative approach to analyze ESG data and processes a diverse set of data sources to create quantitative metrics by which to judge company performance. This includes analyzing a company’s carbon footprint, governance structure, and social impact. By using big data and machine learning algorithms, Arabesque S-Ray can quickly analyze and score companies on a range of sustainability metrics, enabling investors to make better-informed decisions and companies to improve their sustainability practices.


Arabesque S-Ray is at the forefront of sustainable investing, helping investors and companies make better-informed decisions based on objective ESG data. By leveraging big data and machine learning algorithms, the company is revolutionizing sustainable investing and promoting a more sustainable future. With offices across the globe and a wide range of clients, Arabesque S-Ray is helping to shape the industry of sustainability through investment solutions, AI, and financial technology expertise.





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