Redefining Radiance: 15 Dutch Beauty Startups Revolutionizing the Industry

A Dive Into the Dutch Beauty Market: How Startups are Harnessing Technology to Enhance Personal Care

1. We Are Eves: The Trusted Beauty Review Platform

Founded by Esther Leloux, Julie Hotchkin, and Quint Mouthaan, We Are Eves is the first trusted personal care and beauty platform that features honest product reviews, elevating transparency in beauty e-commerce.

2. Kore Beauty: Bringing Korean Beauty to the Netherlands

Kore Beauty offers a wide range of Korean beauty products and cosmetics, paving the way for K-beauty fans to access their favorite products conveniently.

3. CBD-Zorg: Natural Wellness at Your Fingertips

CBD-Zorg is a webshop dedicated to natural food and personal care products, including dietary supplements and beauty items.

4. Huidpraktijkshop: Your One-Stop Beauty Store

Huidpraktijkshop provides a comprehensive range of beauty care, cosmetics, and skincare products, making it an all-in-one platform for your beauty needs.

5. Dharamsala: Beauty Meets Health

Dharamsala blends beauty and healthcare in its online shop, offering various products to enhance your well-being and appearance.

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6. Coconails: Enhancing Beauty Through Quality Products

Coconails is dedicated to offering a range of high-quality beauty products to consumers, specializing in cosmetics.

7. SustOilLable: Sustainable Personal Care

SustOilLable is an online retailer offering a range of sustainable personal care products including soaps, oils, and skincare sets.

8. Van-V: Empowering Women Through Beauty

Van-V is an e-commerce platform specializing in women’s beauty products, intertwining beauty and fashion in their offerings.

9. Claudia Nails: A Wholesaler for Beauty Enthusiasts

Claudia Nails is a wholesaler offering a comprehensive array of nail and beauty products, catering to beauty professionals and enthusiasts alike.

10. Organic Atelier: A Colorful Array of Hair Products

Organic Atelier is an online marketplace offering a wide variety of hair coloring products, bringing salon-quality results to your home.

11. Comme Ça Skincare: Luxury Natural Skincare

Co-founded by Charlotte Seijerlin, Comme Ça Skincare creates high-performance skincare products that intertwine luxury and nature.

12. ILAISA.NL: Revolutionizing Hair with Wigs

ILAISA.NL is an online store offering a variety of human hair wigs, providing a fun and versatile option for hair transformations.

13. Chaloné Cosmetics: Offering Luxury Beauty

Chaloné Cosmetics is a seller of a luxurious beauty brand, bringing premium products to beauty enthusiasts.

14. Beauty4sale: Beauty Products at Great Prices

Beauty4sale is an online shop offering a diverse range of beauty products, making beauty accessible to everyone.

15. Sterre Rose Beauty: Japanese Skincare in the Netherlands

Founded by Sterre Rose, Sterre Rose Beauty is an online shop offering Japanese skincare and wellness products, bringing the revered Japanese beauty philosophy and products to the Dutch market.

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