Pushing Boundaries: 15 Innovative Art Startups in Poland Powering the Future with AI

From eSports to Health Care, these Polish Startups are making waves in the Tech Industry with the Power of Artificial Intelligence

GGPredict: The Future of eSports Coaching

GGPredict, founded by Daniel Zawadzki, Mateusz Kamola, and Przemysław Siemaszko, brings AI coaching to the fingertips of eSports players. Using big data and machine learning, this innovative startup is revolutionizing the gaming industry with its predictive analytics.

Algopolis.Ai: Reinventing Investment Management

Co-founder Piotr Warsicki leads Algopolis.Ai, an AI-driven company pioneering the future of quantitative investment management. With their advanced AI technology, they’re crafting a new era of fintech and hedge fund trading platforms.

KERRIS IT: Streamlining Software Development

​KERRIS IT uses AI to offer a complete toolbox for software houses and agencies, boosting efficiency and productivity. They utilize AI and machine learning to transform the software industry.

Recostream: E-Commerce Personalization at its Best

Founded by Michal Glomba, Recostream uses AI and machine learning to personalize product recommendations on e-commerce platforms. By harnessing AI, Recostream creates a tailored shopping experience for every individual.

Robotec.AI: Driving Automated Vehicle Tech

Robotec.AI is a leading software company developing high-tech solutions for automated and connected vehicles. Their AI-powered software is creating safer and more efficient roads.

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WEimpact.AI: Transcribing Speeches with AI

WEimpact.AI offers IT consulting services with a focus on speech analysis, transcription, and data labeling. Using AI, they are setting new standards for data services.

enkids: Empowering Kids with Language Learning

enkids is a unique edtech startup that uses AI to help children take classes with native speakers. This engaging online platform is making language learning accessible and fun.

Numlabs: Business Solutions Powered by AI

Co-founded by Adam Wojsa, Karol Kabala, and Wojciech Gron, Numlabs delivers powerful AI solutions to businesses. This software development company is shaping the future of IT consulting.

MaritimeAI: Propelling a Sustainable Maritime Economy

Under the guidance of founder Pavel Golubev, MaritimeAI is making waves by using AI and big data to create a sustainable maritime economy. Their applications aim to revolutionize the shipping industry.

Estigiti: Taking Tech Services to the Next Level

Estigiti](https://www.estigiti.com/#home), led by founder Izabela Seregin, provides edge AI, IoT, cloud data processing, and technology evaluation services. Their software development services are propelling their clients to the forefront of their industries.

Hued.me: Innovating Software and Web Development

Hued.me is a dynamic startup offering software, web development, communication design, machine learning, AI, and cloud programming services. Their holistic approach to development is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the tech industry.

Avrio: Revolutionizing Building Operations with AI

Avrio utilizes AI to power facility operating systems, unifying data-driven building operations. By integrating AI into energy efficiency and environmental engineering, they’re creating smarter, more sustainable spaces.

Surveily: Boosting Safety in Manufacturing

Co-founded by Wojciech Tubek and Wojtek Turowicz, Surveily applies AI to increase safety in manufacturing plants. Their machine learning technologies are enhancing public safety and security in the industry.

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AIDA Diagnostics: Optimizing Health Care with Machine Learning

AIDA Diagnostics, founded by Mateusz Pawełczuk, Michał Janiszewski, and Michał Kubik, uses machine learning algorithms to optimize blood transfusions in hospitals. Their innovative software is transforming health care analytics.

inteliLex: Streamlining Legal Document Creation

Led by founders Agnieszka Poteralska, Artur Tanona, and Ignacy Janiszewski, inteliLex is suggesting relevant text snippets while you create legal documents. Using AI and natural language processing, they’re innovating legal tech.

These startups showcase the remarkable innovation and diversity of Poland’s AI industry. As we move forward, they will undoubtedly continue to push boundaries and revolutionize industries. The future of AI in Poland looks bright, thanks to these game-changing startups.

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