Dutch Dynamism: 15 Consumer-Focused Startups Transforming the Market in Noord-Holland

Harnessing the Power of Innovation, these Dutch Startups are Crafting Consumer-Centric Solutions and Disrupting Various Industries

TheyDo: Pioneering Journey Management

TheyDo, co-founded by Charles Beaumont, Jochem van der Veer, and Martin Palamarz, is transforming the world of journey mapping and prioritization. Their journey management platform enables companies to streamline their processes and improve their productivity.

Smyle: Revolutionizing Dental Hygiene

With a vision for a sustainable future, Smyle offers plastic-free toothpaste tabs and other products. Their focus on eliminating microplastics and harmful chemicals is creating a significant impact in the consumer goods sector.

Toot: Personalized Skincare through Subscriptions

Toot, founded by Karlijn Vlasblom, is a subscription-based E-commerce platform for skincare products. By providing customized solutions to their customers, they’re redefining the e-commerce experience in the consumer electronics industry.

We Are Eves: Fostering Honest Beauty Reviews

We Are Eves, co-founded by Esther Leloux, Julie Hotchkin, and Quint Mouthaan, is the first trusted personal care and beauty platform offering honest product reviews. Their transparent approach is breaking barriers in the online beauty industry.

SO Connect: Boosting Local Businesses Online

Co-founder Daan Donders’ startup, SO Connect, offers easy tools for local businesses to establish their online presence. This innovative company is reshaping reputation management, SEO, and marketing automation through its SaaS solutions.

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Circos: Catering to Clothing Needs

Circos, co-founded by Erick Bouwer, is an online shop that provides a variety of clothing products. Their versatile offerings are making waves in the e-commerce and consumer lending industries.

Patrón Wear: Delivering Fashionable Headwear

Patrón Wear is an online manufacturer and retailer of stylish clothes and headwear. Their unique designs and quality products are appealing to fashion-conscious consumers.

Krek wa’k wou: A Hub for Diverse Products

Krek wa’k wou is an e-commerce website offering a wide array of stationary, clothing, and home decor items. Their diverse range is meeting various consumer needs under one virtual roof.

IMOAN: Crafting Luxurious Leather Bags

IMOAN is a designer company specializing in leather bags. Their high-quality, fashionable offerings are catching the eye of style enthusiasts and trendsetters.

Zo Zero: Promoting Zero-Waste Living

Zo Zero is an online e-commerce platform dedicated to plastic-free and zero-waste consumer goods. Their commitment to sustainable living is setting new standards in the e-commerce industry.

MotoRoad: Enhancing Motorcycle Experience

MotoRoad is an online store selling a variety of motorcycle accessories. By offering products that enhance the riding experience, they are making a mark in the automotive and e-commerce sectors.

Jacqi: Luxury Bathrobes for All

Jacqi is an e-commerce platform offering luxury bathrobes. Their focus on comfort and luxury is reinventing the consumer goods industry.

Plogsack: Your Partner for Plogging

Plogsack designs modular backpacks specifically for plogging activities. Their innovative products are encouraging more people to adopt a healthy and environment-friendly lifestyle.

Potjes en vaasjes: Vintage Decor for Every Home

Potjes en vaasjes is an online marketplace for vintage pots and vases. They cater to consumers looking to add a touch of the past to their modern homes.

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AQUILA: Multi-Product Shopping Made Easy

AQUILA, based in Amsterdam, is a multi-product online store offering a range of consumer goods. Their diverse selection is meeting various consumer needs in a convenient, one-stop-shop format.

These startups in Noord-Holland, The Netherlands, are rewriting the rules of the consumer industry. With their innovative offerings and consumer-centric approaches, they are paving the way for a new era in the Dutch startup ecosystem.

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