Startup Showcase: The Global Diploma – Making Education Scalable in Developing Countries

The Global Diploma is a Munich-based startup that is making education scalable through its holistic education solution for developing countries. Their state-of-the-art eLearning platform and thorough understanding of context-specific factors make eLearning accessible in areas where traditional education systems may not be possible.

Holistic eLearning Solution

Completion rates of secondary education in many African countries are extremely low. The Global Diploma addresses this issue by providing a holistic in- and after-school eLearning solution that combines a state-of-the-art eLearning platform with a thorough understanding of the context-specific factors needed to make eLearning scalable in Africa. The platform addresses the whole value chain of education, from the provision of hardware and internet access to ongoing training and mentoring for schools.

Addressing the Core Problems of Education in Africa

The Global Diploma’s holistic perspective is what sets them apart from other eLearning providers. They understand that to make eLearning work in state schools, they must address the core problems of education in Africa. By providing hardware and internet access, in addition to ongoing training and mentoring for schools, they are creating a sustainable model for eLearning in developing countries.

Dramatic Improvements in Pilot Projects

The Global Diploma’s pilot projects with schools in Namibian townships have shown dramatic improvements. Fail rates in secondary school qualifications were reduced by over 50%, proving the effectiveness of their holistic eLearning solution. The Global Diploma is now rolling out their program to more schools in Southern Africa, creating a positive impact on the education of thousands of students.

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Join the Movement with The Global Diploma

If you’re passionate about making education accessible in developing countries, join the movement with The Global Diploma. Their holistic eLearning solution is making a positive impact on the education of thousands of students in Africa. Check out their website or social media channels to learn more about their innovative solution and how you can get involved.



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