Spearheading Change in Recruitment: Germany’s 15 Game-Changing Startups

Revolutionizing the Hiring Landscape: The Power of Technology in Recruitment and Staffing Solutions

1. HiPeople: Streamlining Talent Acquisition

Co-founded by Jakob Gillmann and Sebastian Schüller, HiPeople aims to make hiring the best talent fast and easy for everyone, innovating the fields of B2B, Human Resources, and SaaS.

2. UPPER: Creating Trusted Workspaces for Freelancers and Companies

UPPER, founded by Paul Friedrich and Victor Cazacu, enables companies and top tech freelancers to work together successfully in a future-proof, mutually trusted setup.

3. 1648 Factory: Engineering Ventures and Investing in Innovation

Founded by Klaus Freiberg and Sebastian Hanhues, 1648 Factory provides venture building, investment, and engineering services, with a particular focus on outsourcing and recruiting.

4. talent360: Speeding Up Personnel Services with Scalable Processes

talent360 is a software and recruiting company known for its scalable processes and speed in personnel services, actively contributing to professional services, SaaS, and staffing industries.

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5. Leantree: Social Media Recruitment Specialist

Leantree is a social media recruiting agency that assists clients in consulting, human resources, recruiting, and staffing.

6. talentefinder: Matchmaking for Events and Recruitment

talentefinder is an event and matchmaking platform that supports industries like consulting, customer service, event management, and recruiting.

7. AiFind: Simplifying Recruitment with AI-Powered Tools

AiFind develops tools to assist staffing and human resource companies in simplifying the recruiting process, pushing the boundaries of IT and recruitment software development.

8. Superheldin: Connecting Job Seekers and Employers

Superheldin is a staffing and recruiting company that provides employment and staffing services, streamlining the process for both job seekers and employers.

9. TalentMonkey: Bridging German Companies with International IT Talents

TalentMonkey is an online platform that connects German companies and international IT talents, facilitating remote job placements in permanent positions.

10. DL Remote: Tech-Driven Recruitment and Consulting

DL Remote is a technology company that provides staffing, recruitment, and consulting services, enhancing how organizations hire and consult in the IT industry.

11. Beint: Offering Mobile Recruitment Services

Beint is an HR service provider company that focuses on providing mobile recruitment services, pioneering the recruitment process in the consulting, HR, and IT sectors.

12. New Work Unicorns: Offering Comprehensive Recruitment and Consulting Services

New Work Unicorns provides services like recruiting, consulting, and agile marketing, supporting businesses in their journey towards growth and efficiency.

13. JULIA REIS CONSULTING: Empowering Businesses with Training and Recruitment

Founded by Julia Reis, JULIA REIS CONSULTING is a business consulting firm that offers training, project management, recruiting, and collaboration services, catering to the HR, lead management, and consulting industries.

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14. Kurz und Klein: Pioneering Digital Employee Solutions and E-commerce Marketing

Founded by Marius Kurz and Simon Small, Kurz und Klein specializes in digital employee, social recruiting, employer branding, and e-commerce marketing services, contributing to the advertising, employment, marketing, and recruiting sectors.

15. Hibernian Recruitment: Delivering Recruitment and Staffing Solutions

Hibernian Recruitment is a staffing and recruitment service company that provides solutions to businesses in need of professional services, recruiting, and staffing.

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