Startup Showcase: Touchtech—Revolutionizing Interactive Experiences with Multi-Touch

Bridging Digital and Physical Worlds for Unforgettable User Experiences

Welcome to’ Startup Showcase! In this feature, we explore ground-breaking startups making waves in the European ecosystem. Today, our spotlight is on Touchtech, a Gothenburg-based Swedish startup pioneering in the development of interactive multi-touch software products.

The Journey: Touchtech’s Commitment to Social Interactive Behavior

Founded in 2008 by Deniz Chaban and Sebastian Hartman, Touchtech has positioned itself as a leader in the design and development of immersive interactive experiences. With a focus on social interactive behavior, the startup has brought to life high-impact, multi-user applications and installations. Their clientele boasts global brands like Volvo, Carlsberg, and Ericsson. Touchtech’s aim is not just to produce interactive software; it’s to change how humans interact with technology and, by extension, with each other.

A Flagship Solution: The Rise of Touchtech Lima

Touchtech Lima is the flagship product that has caught the industry’s attention. Designed for versatility and natural integration, Lima enables people to share experiences that are both engaging and unforgettable. Whether it’s in a showroom, an exhibition area, or a conference center, Touchtech Lima’s ‘#Superpresenter’ solution is transforming the way major brands showcase their products and ideas to the world. Its sleek design and intuitive user interface make it an indispensable tool in modern experience centers and meeting rooms across the globe.

Beyond Showrooms: Touchtech Vendo & Multi-Channel Retailing

In late 2015, Touchtech took a new direction with the release of Touchtech Vendo—a retail solution specifically designed for in-store experiences. With this product, the company aims to bridge the gap between online and offline shopping, offering customers the convenience of eCommerce while retaining the tactile experience of in-store shopping. Vendo enhances customer engagement, creating more opportunities for brands to connect with their audience and turn interactions into transactions.

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Why Touchtech is More Than Just a Tech Company

What sets Touchtech apart is its philosophical commitment to enhancing how people interact—be it with technology or each other. The company’s multi-touch software products are not just tools but mediums for storytelling, sharing, and social interaction. With their keen eye on design, user experience, and social psychology, Touchtech is redefining what it means to be a tech company in the modern world.

In a digital age where screens often disconnect us, Touchtech’s products bring us back together, offering communal, interactive experiences that enrich our social fabric. It’s no longer about a single user clicking on a screen; it’s about multiple users sharing a collective experience, enhancing the way we live, work, and play.

If you’re looking to transform your brand’s interactive experiences, Touchtech is a name you should certainly consider. For more information on their innovative solutions, you can visit their website and socials below:

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