Innovative Trailblazers: 15 Berlin-based Consulting Startups Revolutionizing Industries

Focusing on Financial, Environmental, IT and More, these Consulting Startups are Powering Business Growth in Berlin

DFKP: Simplifying Financial Consulting

Although the founders of DFKP are not disclosed, this financial consulting firm offers corporate loans, leasing, brokerage, financing, and business advisory services. They are transforming the landscape of financial consulting in Berlin.

Planetly: Building Carbon-Neutral Futures

Co-founded by Benedikt Franke, Planetly is revolutionizing environmental consulting with software designed to analyze, reduce and offset carbon footprints.

METATRUST: Streamlining Real Estate Investments

Metatrust, established by Kyrill K. Radev, is a real estate consulting firm that provides transaction support for real estate sales and investment platforms.

Scitaris: Aiding Biotech Research

The team behind Scitaris, although not disclosed, has shaped a consulting firm that supports R&D strategy for pharma and biotech companies.

Berformance: Bridging Blockchain and Rentals

Co-founded by Christian Lux, Berformance acts as an intermediary for hardware and software rentals in the blockchain and bitcoin sectors.

Domi: Reinventing Business-Citizen Interaction

Established by Katrie Lowe and Pavel Metelitsyn, Domi uses data technology and modern design thinking to change the way citizens and businesses interact, both online and offline.

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Entity X: Perfecting Digital Marketing Strategies

Entity X is a digital marketing agency that focuses on strategic consulting, corporate strategy, SEO, and advertising services. Even without disclosed founders, they are making a difference in the marketing landscape of Berlin.

The Morph Company: Fostering Corporate Sustainability

The Morph Company offers consulting and corporate training to various organizations to become sustainable, impact-driven, and innovative.

Philipps & Byrne: Infusing IT Expertise in Startups

Co-founded by Chris Philipps, Philipps & Byrne is a consulting company that offers data analysis, senior expertise, and IT services for startups and investors.

Unleashed Partners Group: Merging Creativity with Blockchain

Established by Glen Cameron and Tom Eslinger, Unleashed is a creative company with a blockchain-as-a-service platform that supports the marketing and advertising world.

talentefinder: Transforming Event Management

Even without disclosed founders, talentefinder is a consulting platform that organizes events and facilitates matchmaking.

We connect arts: Driving Creative Consulting

Co-founded by Ana Paula Henriques da Silva, We connect arts provides branding, digital marketing, social media, web and graphic design, video production, and consulting services.

AdConnector: Automating Advertising with AI

AdConnector is a Google Ads tool that uses AI and learning algorithms to automate advertising, innovating the consulting and IT sectors in Berlin.

Cloudification: Pioneering Cloud Technology

The team behind Cloudification provides consulting services in cloud technology and open source, making significant strides in Berlin’s IT consulting scene.

Cheftresor: Modernizing the Workplace for Tax Consultants

Cheftresor is the digital workplace for tax consultants and entrepreneurs, providing a unique blend of computer consulting and software engineering solutions.


These 15 Berlin-based consulting startups are not only empowering businesses across various industries but are also revolutionizing the consulting scene in the vibrant city of Berlin. As they drive transformation, they set a high standard for innovation in the consulting industry, and their impact is expected to echo well beyond Berlin.

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