Accelerating Business Growth in Germany: 15 B2B Startups Making a Difference

From Human Resources to Fintech, these startups are transforming the German B2B landscape

HiPeople: Streamlining Talent Acquisition

Co-founded by Jakob Gillmann and Sebastian Schüller, HiPeople is a platform that simplifies the hiring process. By using their software, businesses can easily and quickly onboard the best talent, revolutionizing human resources and recruiting.

Traxpay: Optimizing Supply Chain Finance

Led by Markus Rupprecht, Traxpay is a fast-growing supply chain finance platform. Operating globally, Traxpay provides simple, secure, and sustainable working capital solutions, making a difference in the finance and fintech sectors.

Sentryc: Ensuring Brand Protection

Sentryc co-founded by Nicole Jasmin Hofmann, specializes in brand, piracy, copyright, and plagiarism protection. This company is crucial in protecting businesses in the age of cyber threats, making strides in the cybersecurity and intellectual property industries.

Timber Base: Streamlining Timber Trade

Timber Base, established by Felix Heberle, Tano Sebastian Khan, and Viktor Shcherban, is a global platform for buying, selling, and shipping timber. It has digitized and streamlined the timber trade, creating new opportunities in the B2B space.

Musicube: AI-powered Music Search

Musicube, founded by Agnes Chung and David Hoga, uses AI and big data to revolutionize music search. This company is leading the way in AI, music streaming, and software, marking a new era for B2B services in the music industry.

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White Label Advisory: Consulting Services Contractor

Founded by Philipp Maier and Philipp Weber, White Label Advisory has emerged as Germany’s leading general contractor for consulting services. They are changing the game in the B2B, consulting, and professional services industries.

SAYM: The Next Generation of Carpooling

SAYM, co-founded by Benjamin Dörries, Daniel Bogdoll, and Philipp Uhl, offers a platform for swarm mobility that defines the next generation of carpooling. This innovative approach has revolutionized HR, mobile apps, and software.

FixFirst: Advocating for a Circular Economy

FixFirst, founded by Saqib Hanif and Sebastian Daus, offers a B2B SaaS solution focusing on repair, maintenance, and refurbishment. By promoting the circular economy, FixFirst is playing a crucial role in waste management and sustainable consumer electronics.

Ciara: Streamlining Inside Sales

Co-founded by Konstantin Krauss and Martin Heibel, Ciara is the first meeting tool exclusively designed for inside sales. By helping reps cut sales cycles in half, Ciara is transforming B2B sales practices.

Arvaloo: Marketplace for B2B

Arvaloo, even though its founders are unknown, is making waves as a B2B marketplace. Their e-commerce platform is simplifying wholesale and trade processes for businesses globally.

Leadvolution: Specializing in B2B Lead Generation

Leadvolution, despite not knowing the founders, specializes in marketing, B2B, social media, and lead generation services. Their solutions are enhancing B2B advertising and marketing automation, thereby benefiting numerous businesses.

NeuroForge: AI Solutions for Businesses

NeuroForge, even without the founder(s) information, is a B2B company that empowers other companies with AI solutions. They’re making substantial strides in the AI and machine learning sectors.

Coloyal: Creating Incentive Programs

Coloyal, is known for developing individual software solutions for bonuses and incentive programs for B2B, B2C, and B2E business partners. They’re making a significant impact in the B2B sector and loyalty program industry.

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480Hz: Communication and Activation Agency

480Hz, despite the lack of founder(s) information, is a communication and activation agency. Their contributions to advertising, marketing, and web design are making a difference in the B2B sector.

Seiten-Werk: Providing SEO Services

Seiten-Werk, is a digital agency offering SEO services. Their expertise in consulting, digital marketing, and SEO is helping numerous B2B clients optimize their online presence.


Each of these 15 German B2B startups is disrupting their respective industries and playing a crucial role in the growth and advancement of the German business landscape. They are not just transforming the way business is done; they are shaping the future of the B2B sector.

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