Driving Sustainability in Germany: 15 Innovative Startups Leading the Charge

From green tech to waste management, these startups are paving the way towards a sustainable future

Staiy: Ushering in Sustainable Shopping

Founded by Adrian Leue, Alessandro Nora, and Ludovico During, Staiy is a marketplace that promotes sustainable shopping and lifestyle. The platform covers a range of industries including beauty, fashion, and jewelry, marking an exciting shift towards conscious consumerism.

ERA Zero Waste: Pioneering Decentralized Groceries

ERA Zero Waste is a unique platform that allows subscribers to get their weekly supermarket list directly from the source, reducing waste in the process. The company, although its founders are unknown, is pioneering the intersection between blockchain, groceries, and sustainability.

FixFirst: Promoting Circular Economy

FixFirst, founded by Saqib Hanif and Sebastian Daus, offers a B2B SaaS solution focusing on repair, maintenance, and refurbishment. By promoting the circular economy, FixFirst is playing a crucial role in waste management and sustainable consumer electronics.

ReviewForest: Combining Marketing with Sustainability

ReviewForest is a green marketing platform that plants a tree for every customer review. Founded by Leon Dror Heuser, ReviewForest is an inventive blend of brand marketing and sustainability.

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COBIOM: Cultivating Sustainable Innovation

COBIOM is an ecosystem of solutions for technological innovation, with a clear focus on sustainability. Despite not knowing the founders, COBIOM stands out for its commitment to sustainable business development and consulting.

Eevie: Accelerating Employee Climate Action

Founded by Antonius Willms and Raphael Ferretti, eevie is an engagement tool that encourages and rewards employee climate action. It’s fostering a climate-friendly work culture and accelerating climate action through its innovative app.

Lumoview Building Analytics: Digitizing Buildings for CO2 Reduction

Founded by Arne Tiddens and Silvan Siegrist, Lumoview digitizes buildings and empowers owners to reduce CO2 emissions. Their cutting-edge technology is accelerating sustainability in the property management and facility management sectors.

The Good Workshop: Automating Innovation for Sustainability

Founded by Fayssal Loussaief, The Good Workshop is a web app that automates innovation workshops with a focus on sustainability. The platform is advancing sustainable practices in enterprise software, HR, and innovation management.

ECOLUTIONARY: Advising Companies on Sustainability

ECOLUTIONARY, founded by Shireen Stengel, advises companies from various industries on the topic of sustainability. This consultation service is instrumental in shaping sustainable business practices across sectors.

Kleiderly: Converting Textile Waste into Sustainable Plastic

Founded by Alina and Davender Bassi, Kleiderly is an innovative startup that creates sustainable plastic from textile waste. This revolutionary approach is reshaping the textiles, waste management, and manufacturing industries.

Cradle 2 Conscious: Conscious Content Marketing & Production

Founded by Julia-Rosa Reis, Cradle 2 Conscious specializes in conscious content marketing and production, advocating for sustainable business practices in the content and marketing sectors.

UVENTIONS: Smart Solutions for Hygiene Management

UVENTIONS, founded by Axel Großklaus and Daniel Ehlers, provides smart Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) solutions for hygiene management and disinfection. UVENTIONS’ hardware and software solutions are leading sustainable practices in the health tech space.

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Greenforce: Plant-Powered Meat Alternatives

Founded by Hannes-Benjamin Schmitz and Thomas Isermann, Greenforce offers plant-powered meat alternatives. This innovative approach is contributing to sustainable practices in the food and beverage industry.

Carmino: Automated Carbon Accounting

Founded by Philipp Hommelsheim, Carmino offers automated data collection and carbon accounting for employees. Carmino is advancing green tech and environmental consulting, paving the way for sustainability in the B2B sector.

Concular: Digitizing Building Materials for Recirculation

Concular, founded by Dominik Campanella, Julius Schaufele, and Marc Haines, digitizes building materials using material passports, allowing for their recirculation and impact assessment through a life cycle analysis. Concular is redefining the construction industry, promoting green building, recycling, and waste management.


These 15 German startups are revolutionizing their respective industries, incorporating sustainability into the heart of their businesses. Their efforts are driving Germany – and the world – towards a more sustainable future.

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