Startup Showcase: MADS – Inside Mobile Marketing

Are you looking for a comprehensive mobile advertising solution that delivers targeted ad campaigns to mobile consumers? Look no further than MADS. Based in Amsterdam, MADS powers the full mobile advertising value chain and offers a suite of products to operators, publishers, and advertisers, enabling them to deliver highly personalized campaigns to mobile consumers.

Revolutionizing Mobile Advertising

MADS offers a complete range of products that cover the entire mobile advertising value chain. MADS ONE for Operators, MADS ONE for Agencies, and MADS ONE for Advertisers are designed to create, manage, monetize, plan, book, optimize, track, and analyze mobile ad campaigns.

MADS ONE for Operators empowers operators to monetize their mobile inventory by creating and managing their mobile advertising. Operators can leverage MADS’s technology to offer their advertisers access to their mobile inventory and build new revenue streams.

MADS ONE for Agencies streamlines the planning, booking, and optimization of mobile ad campaigns, allowing agencies to focus on creating compelling content that resonates with consumers.

MADS ONE for Advertisers offers brands the ability to track real-time campaign performance analytics and reports. Advertisers can use MADS’s platform to deploy dynamic, interactive, and highly personalized mobile ads to consumers with the same control and confidence as online ads.

Targeted Advertising Opportunities

MADS offers advertisers powerful mobile advertising opportunities across all mobile channels, including Mobile Internet, SMS Push/Insert, MMS Push/Insert, Mobile Video, Mobile Games and Applications, Idle Screen, and Ring Back Tones. With MADS, advertisers can deliver targeted and personalized campaigns to mobile consumers, unlocking powerful advertising opportunities and reaching their intended audience.

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Trusted by Operators and Publishers Worldwide

MADS is the mobile advertising platform of choice for more than 150 operators and publishers across 31 countries worldwide. Currently, MADS is processing more than 2 billion ad requests per month worldwide. With a proven track record of success, MADS is a trusted partner in mobile advertising.


In conclusion, MADS is revolutionizing the mobile advertising industry by offering a comprehensive mobile advertising solution that delivers targeted and personalized ad campaigns to mobile consumers. With a suite of products designed to meet the needs of operators, publishers, and advertisers, MADS is empowering businesses to build new revenue streams and reach their intended audience.

Website: http://www.mads.c




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