Startup Showcase: Airsiders – Enabling a Seamless Passenger Experience During Complex Layovers

Travelling can be stressful, and the most stressful part of it is often the layovers. Passengers have to navigate their way through unfamiliar airports, go through security checks, and worry about their baggage. Airsiders is a Berlin-based travel technology company that provides data and services to ensure a seamless passenger experience during complex layovers.

Virtual Interlining

Airsiders’ first product is a patent-pending virtual interlining solution that supports automated baggage through-check. It has been built on the expertise collected over decades by its investor BEUMER Group, a leading supplier of airport software and hardware systems. The technology covers the end-to-end passenger journey, and enables any airline to partner with minimum effort, cost, and integration.

With Airsiders’ virtual interlining, passengers can book a ticket with two separate airlines, and have their baggage checked through to their final destination. This means that passengers can avoid the hassle of collecting their baggage at the layover airport, checking it in again, and going through security. It also means that passengers can save money by booking two separate flights rather than a more expensive direct flight.

Compass API

Airsiders’ second product is the Compass API, which supports airports and airlines in providing more transparency and offering a superior passenger experience. Airsiders maps and standardizes every airport in the world with the purpose of providing passengers with highly personalized guidance for any flight itinerary.

With Compass API, passengers can get real-time updates on their flight status, gate changes, and baggage information. Passengers can also receive customized recommendations for food, shopping, and entertainment options at the airport. This helps passengers navigate the airport more easily and enjoyably, reducing stress and increasing satisfaction.

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Partnership Models

Airsiders also focuses on enabling new partnership models between airports and airlines. Its technology allows airlines to partner with other airlines and airports more easily and cost-effectively. This creates more options for passengers, and allows airlines to expand their networks without having to invest in new routes.

Overall, Airsiders is dedicated to creating a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for passengers. Its technology helps passengers save time and money, and reduces the stress of layovers. Airsiders’ virtual interlining and Compass API products are revolutionizing the travel industry, and its innovative partnership models are creating more options and opportunities for passengers and airlines alike.





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