Startup Showcase: NowDiscover – Revolutionizing E-Commerce with Video Recommendations

NowDiscover provides a powerful SaaS-based recommender system for e-tailers to curate and deliver product-related videos into web shops, enhancing the shopping experience and driving up conversion rates.

NowDiscover is a Berlin-based startup that aims to revolutionize e-commerce by helping e-tailers feature relevant video content alongside their products. Their contextual video engine enables e-tailers to offer personalized video recommendations for every product on their website in a dedicated video player on the product page. NowDiscover’s innovative technology enhances the shopping experience for customers, increases conversion rates, and minimizes product returns.

The Power of Video in E-Commerce

NowDiscover recognizes the power of video in e-commerce. Studies show that 73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video that explains a product or service. By providing personalized video recommendations for every product, NowDiscover enables e-tailers to drive up conversion rates and lifetime value, while minimizing product returns.

Automated Digital Supply Chain

NowDiscover provides e-tailers with an automated digital supply chain to curate video content on demand, directly from their product data feed. This enables e-tailers to offer both user-generated and branded video content, categorized by type (e.g., unboxing, review, education), which is easily navigable for a frictionless checkout experience. Customers can stay on the product page throughout the entire shopping journey, enhancing their shopping experience.

Innovative Technology Built for Shops to Serve Shoppers

NowDiscover’s innovative technology is built to serve e-tailers and their customers. By providing a dedicated video player with personalized recommendations, NowDiscover enables e-tailers to offer a unique and personalized shopping experience. NowDiscover’s technology is user-friendly, and integrating the service is a breeze.

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NowDiscover is revolutionizing e-commerce with its SaaS-based recommender system. By providing personalized video recommendations for every product, NowDiscover helps e-tailers drive up conversion rates, increase lifetime value, and minimize product returns. NowDiscover’s innovative technology is built to serve e-tailers and their customers, providing a unique and personalized shopping experience. Try out NowDiscover and see the power of video in e-commerce for yourself!





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