Which Croatian Software Startups are Revolutionizing the EU Tech Scene?

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In the vibrant tech scene of Europe, the emerging startups from Croatia are leaving an indelible imprint. From information technology, augmented reality, to blockchain, these startups are not only generating innovative solutions but are also creating newer arenas for collaboration and development. Here, we highlight fifteen such Croatian software startups which are setting new benchmarks in their respective domains.

The burgeoning software industry of Croatia, which boasts a strong tradition of mathematics and engineering education, is growing impressively. Leveraging the open and active startup ecosystem and robust financial support, Croatian software startups are leading the transition from traditional industries to the digital and knowledge-intensive ones. Expressing their ingenuity and adaptability, these startups have been contributing to the vigorous global software startup ecosystem while shaping the tech landscape of the country.

Let’s explore these startups and unravel the remarkable work they have been doing in their respective fields. Their ingenuity and creativity echo the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurial drive inherent in Croatia’s startup scene. They fuel the rapidly growing technology industry in Croatia and set the direction for the future tech innovations.


Mindsmiths is an innovative IT and software industry startup founded by Mislav Malenica. Known for developing an autonomous support system, it aims at empowering all businesses to harness diverse abilities.


Roster is a fintech startup co-founded by Tea Vricic. Its automated expense management software enables SMEs to manage expenses effectively and swiftly.

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Equinox Vision

Founded by Ivan Voras, Martina Lucic Canak, and Saša Ilišević, Equinox Vision is an augmented reality mass deployment platform serving the advertising and e-commerce platforms industry.


Spotsie, an initiative by Roko Roic, is an event management platform, specialized in enhancing security and efficiency in oil facilities.


Crafted by Matej Marjanović, PlayerQuant is a game and sports event video creating software, focusing on highlighting action phases.

Shard Labs

Shard Labs is an independent development agency in the blockchain and software sector.


Convoworks offers a unique blend of voice assistant and chatbot development services. Their software can be found on Convoworks website.

Silver technologies

Silver monitor, co-founded by Slavko Radman and Tihana Petricevic, offers smartwatches, wristbands, and a web application for senior healthcare and safety monitoring. Learn more through their official website.


naruci.me, formed by Ivana Zuber, Jurica Smircic, and Nikola Smircic, delivers an innovative solution for appointment management. Visit their website for more details.


Gordan Razumic founded Worcon, a B2B platform that connects buyers and suppliers in the machining industry.


Definition8 is a dynamic player in the advertising and internet industry, offering state-of-the-art consultancy and software and media solutions.


Created by Matija and Martin Sosic, Wasp is a remarkable programming language for building full-stack web applications.

Jade ALM

Jade ALM, established by Boris Sever and Mario Juric, is known for documenting, planning, tracking, and visualizing the software development process. Visit their website to find out more.


Naomi is a digital wellness company developed by Marino Sabijan, Nikolina Saravanja, and Sandro Kraljević. It provides a virtual mental assistant and connects individuals with therapists as needed.

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Cross-Criss Creative

Cross-Criss Creative, spearheaded by Petar Gregovic, is a unique mobile app addressing a fresh aspect of parenthood in the growing digital world.

To conclude, these exciting startups represent Croatia’s burgeoning digital economy. Their technological prowess and software solutions are strengthening Croatia’s role in the European digital space and contributing to the realization of Europe’s digital single market.

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