Illuminating Southern Finland: Unveiling 15 Noteworthy Software Startups

From AI to EdTech, these companies are leading the charge in technological innovation Revolutionizing User Experience

Founded by Arto Vuori and Kristoffer Lawson, is pioneering the analysis of user experience through AI and scalable models. Their approach has the potential to revolutionize how businesses perceive and improve user interaction on the web.

Hukka AI: Reducing Food Waste through AI

Hukka AI, under the leadership of Joonas Kesälahti and Tuure Karhu, offers a simple yet powerful software solution designed to measure and reduce food waste in professional kitchens. Their contribution to sustainability and efficiency is admirable.

Linear: Enhancing Customer Experience through Technology

Linear provides unique customer experiences while ensuring maximum efficiency, thanks to their founders Aki Kujala, Alex Silvennoinen, and Miro Eriksson. This startup is proving instrumental in the realms of information services, IT, real estate, and software. Streamlining Data Team Collaboration offers a cloud-based Product Design and Collaboration platform specifically designed for data teams. The brainchild of Jari Jaanto and Johannes Hovi, is bringing a new dynamic to business intelligence and data visualization.

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Marble: Transforming Learning Experience in EdTech

Marble’s founder Iuliia Shnai has created an EdTech channel and modular learning experience platform for client acquisition. This innovative approach of Marble is significantly improving education and learning experiences in the digital age.

Siqni: Guiding Corporate Culture Development

Siqni provides employee surveys to guide and support organizations in fostering and developing their corporate cultures. They are making significant contributions to the field of human resources and information services.

Ideally: Mastering Digital Marketing

Ideally is a startup providing a wide range of services including digital marketing, software development, and sales. They are paving the way for new marketing approaches in the digital age.

Renexe: Optimizing Portfolio and Risk Analytics

Renexe offers a SaaS solution for portfolio optimization and risk analytics. They are playing a crucial role in aiding businesses in making informed and strategic decisions.

SmartFleet: Streamlining Fleet Management

Founded by Anton Hentinen, SmartFleet is a SaaS platform offering fleet management services. Their innovative approach is simplifying fleet management for businesses.

AI Roots: Harnessing the Power of AI

AI Roots specializes in AI, data science, architecture, engineering, analytics, and strategic services. They are contributing significantly to the growth and development of AI applications in various industries.

Tomorrow Explored: Designing the Future of Web3

Tomorrow Explored is a design and software development consultancy specializing in solutions for the Web3 era. They are at the cutting edge of blockchain technology, crafting the future of digital interactions.

TeamSuccess: Tools for Agile Software Development

TeamSuccess offers a service providing tools for Agile software development teams. They are contributing to the improvement and optimization of software development practices.

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Loiston: Specializing in Business Software

Loiston is a software company that specializes in business software. They are making business operations smoother and more efficient with their innovative software solutions. Streamlining Business Tools

Founded by Ilkka Huotari, aims to consolidate the most common business tools in one place. They are making significant strides in improving business productivity and efficiency.

Ukuli Data: Expertise in E-commerce, IoT, and More

Ukuli Data is a startup specializing in e-commerce, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, and web development. They are pushing the boundaries of technology and driving innovation in various industries.


These innovative software startups in Southern Finland are propelling the region to new heights in technological development. Their innovative ideas and solutions are contributing to the global tech industry, proving that Southern Finland is a hotspot for tech startups.

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