Empowering Innovation: IT Startups Redefining Ireland’s Technological Landscape

Discover the cutting-edge Information Technology startups in Ireland that are redefining industries and driving technological advancements

Ireland’s startup ecosystem is a hotbed of innovation and creativity, especially in the field of Information Technology. From groundbreaking software solutions to disruptive gaming studios, these startups are making waves both locally and globally. In this article, we will delve into the world of Irish IT startups and explore 15 pioneering companies that are revolutionizing their respective industries.

Interplay: Uniting Design and Code for Seamless Workflows

Interplay simplifies the design and code collaboration process, enabling product teams to work harmoniously towards a single source of truth. By automating workflows, Interplay aligns the entire team and streamlines product development.

What’s The Scór: Real-time GAA Scores for Sports Enthusiasts

What’s The Scór is a live score GAA app catering to clubs, counties, schools, and colleges. Offering real-time updates and comprehensive coverage, this gaming-focused startup keeps sports enthusiasts connected to the excitement of Gaelic games.

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Tempest: Revolutionizing Internet Services and SEO

Tempest is a technology company providing internet, data, and search engine optimization services. Their expertise in data centers and SEO helps businesses enhance their online presence and optimize search engine rankings.

Zerve: Empowering Computer Vision Solutions

Zerve empowers enterprises to create computer vision solutions in minutes. Their innovative platform enables businesses to harness the power of computer vision technology for various applications.

Technological University Dublin: Advancing Education and IT Services

Technological University Dublin is a leading educational institution that offers a wide range of IT programs and professional services. Their focus on practical training and industry partnerships prepares students for successful careers in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

Planet Crust: Rapid Application Development and Business Process Management

Planet Crust is a software development company that provides rapid application development and business process management solutions. Their agile approach enables businesses to accelerate innovation and streamline operations.

Chatify: Enhancing Customer Engagement with Live Chat Software

Chatify is a software company that specializes in providing live chat software for websites. By offering real-time customer support and engagement, businesses can improve customer satisfaction and boost conversions.

Shipyard Technology Ventures: Enabling Innovation through Venture Building

Shipyard Technology Ventures is a global venture builder that helps large enterprises innovate and develop outstanding startups. Their expertise in information services and technology investments drives entrepreneurial success.

Tornoc Studios: Fueling Gaming Innovation in Virtual Reality

Tornoc Studios is an indie gaming studio at the forefront of virtual reality (VR) experiences. By leveraging VR technology, they create immersive and captivating gaming adventures for players worldwide.

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Hereworks: Audio-Visual Integration Solutions for Smart Buildings

Hereworks specializes in audio-visual and system integration solutions for smart buildings. Their expertise in data integration and training services ensures seamless and efficient audio-visual experiences in various environments.

Sylon: Interactive Tools for Product Development Process

Sylon specializes in the product development process and provides interactive tools to enhance collaboration and efficiency. Their software solutions cater to businesses seeking streamlined project management and development processes.

Baseworx: Streamlining Workspace Management

Baseworx offers a management platform for flexible workspaces, enabling businesses to efficiently manage and optimize their workspace resources. Their software simplifies booking systems and fosters a productive work environment.

Seekr.AI: AI-Powered Product and Service Acquisition

Seekr.AI is an artificial intelligence platform that finds and acquires products and services for users. By leveraging AI and SEO, Seekr.AI simplifies the discovery and acquisition process, saving users time and effort.

Pryml: Secure Development on Confidential Data

Pryml provides a secure way to develop innovative solutions on confidential data without compromising privacy. Their expertise in analytics, artificial intelligence, and privacy-preserving technologies ensures data confidentiality and advanced insights.

Voala: Enhancing Customer Experience for Jewellery Retailers

Voala offers a virtual try-on tool that enhances the customer experience for jewellery retailers. By enabling customers to virtually try on jewellery pieces, Voala revolutionizes the online shopping experience and increases customer satisfaction.


As Ireland continues to foster a thriving startup ecosystem, these innovative IT startups are leading the charge towards technological advancements, reshaping industries, and positioning the country as a hub for innovation. Keep an eye on these dynamic companies as they pave the way for a brighter future.

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