Riding the Wave of Innovation: Thriving Medical Startups in the Netherlands

From groundbreaking therapies to advanced diagnostics, these startups are revolutionizing the health industry

AG5: Streamlining Skills Management

Founded by Rick Van Echtelt, AG5 has developed a powerful Skills Management Software which aids in tracking and visualizing workforce skills across a wide range of industries, including the medical field. The centralization of skills data enhances efficiency and productivity in dynamic and demanding environments.

Vico Therapeutics: Pioneer in RNA Modulating Therapies

The company, led by Gail Mandel, Josh Mandel-Brehm, and Judith van Deutekom, is breaking new ground in the development of ribonucleic acid (RNA) modulating therapies, offering a novel approach to address unmet needs in health care.

Villari: Leading in Structural Health Monitoring

Villari delivers cutting-edge wireless structural health monitoring technology, providing invaluable data for assessing the physical condition of patients and contributing to their overall health care strategy.

Frame Cancer Therapeutics: Personalizing Cancer Vaccines

Frame Cancer Therapeutics leverages the power of DNA-based vaccines that are uniquely tailored to the individual nature of a patient’s tumor. This startup, founded by Bob Löwenberg, Dinko Valerio, and Ronald Plasterk, is making strides in the fields of biotechnology and health care.

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Healy: Wearable Smart Tech for Health

With a focus on electronic and wearable smart products, Healy is pushing the boundaries of e-commerce and digital health solutions, enabling customers to take control of their health and well-being through the convenience of their devices.

Light Tree Ventures: Innovating Medical Device Manufacturing

Light Tree Ventures stands out in the health care industry by manufacturing innovative medical and LLLT or LED therapy devices. They are at the forefront of offering new solutions for patient care.

Phosphoenix: The Future of Neurotechnology

Phosphoenix is carving a niche in the realm of neurotechnology, contributing to advancements that are poised to transform health care solutions.

Acoustic Insight: Revolutionizing Ear Health Diagnosis

Acoustic Insight develops advanced medical devices specifically designed to identify middle-ear abnormalities, paving the way for early intervention and effective treatment strategies.

PoroUS: Enhancing Osteoporosis Diagnoses

PoroUS combines the power of 3D ultrasound technology and image guidance with sophisticated spectral signal processing. This innovative approach enhances the accuracy and efficiency of osteoporosis diagnoses.

Reperio: Advancing Neurodegenerative Disease Diagnostics

With a focus on the manufacturing of diagnostic equipment for neurodegenerative diseases and glaucoma, Reperio is contributing significantly to the early detection and treatment of these conditions.

DEBx Medical: Affordable Treatment for Chronic Wounds

DEBx Medical is a MedTech company that provides affordable treatments for people suffering from chronic wounds, paving the way for more accessible and effective wound care.

MedScaler: Accelerating Digital Health Integration

Nino Bellengé’s MedScaler offers a unique blend of market validation and integration services in the digital health and medical technology sectors. It supports startups and health institutions alike in navigating the increasingly complex landscape of digital health.

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MeneerKooi: Supplying Quality Healthcare Tools

MeneerKooi offers high-quality healthcare tools, from medical beds and mattresses to rehabilitation aids. This startup contributes to the wellness and comfort of patients in various health care settings.

HealthConnected: Empowering Primary Care Providers

HealthConnected is an IT platform offering Electronic Patient Record (EPD), consultation, and referral options. This initiative revolutionizes the way primary care providers manage their practices, making patient care more efficient and coordinated.

Hestia Cardiovascular Service Center: Enhancing Cardiovascular Care

Hestia Cardiovascular Service Center provides critical cardiovascular services, from thrombosis software to medical device procurement. This startup is playing a significant role in improving cardiovascular care, supporting health professionals and patients alike.


These Netherlands-based medical startups are making a significant impact on the global healthcare landscape, driving innovation and improving lives. They represent the potential and progress in the healthcare sector, showcasing the power of innovation and technology in overcoming health challenges and improving patient care.

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