Which Italian Restaurant Startups Are Revolutionizing the Food Industry?

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Italy, famous for its rich culinary tradition, is leading the way in restaurant startups that use technology to increase efficiency, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. These innovative startups are disrupting the traditional restaurant industry through their unique offerings such as direct farm-to-chef services, advanced menu management systems, and home chef services for events. In this article, we look at 15 of the most exciting restaurant industry startups setting the pace in Italy.

Whether it is through using AI to optimize food supply chains or developing creative restaurant software services to enhance the dining experience, these Italian startups are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the food and beverage industry. From boutique dining establishments to enterprise food service providers, these startups have solutions that are changing the landscape of the restaurant business in Italy and beyond.

From farm to fork, dining-in to delivery, these startups showcase the power of innovative thinking when married to Italy’s rich culinary tradition. Let’s take a closer look at these trailblazing companies.


Soplaya is a B2B food supply service focussed on providing a sustainable, efficient, and variable source of supply connecting directly between chefs and farmers. Founded by Davide Marchesi, Gian Carlo Cesarin, and Ivan Litsvinenka, Soplaya uses technology to link the people who grow food to the one who serve it, thus ensuring freshness, diversity and sustainable practices in the restaurant industry.

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For restaurants in need of digital solutions to manage their operations, Dishup offers a comprehensive SaaS solution. This innovative and efficient app offers CMS, ERP software, and an integrated menu management & ordering system.


Specializing in the olive oil market, Olivante is a digital platform for all restaurateurs, offering high-quality extra virgin olive oils sourced directly from the producers.


Specializing in food delivery, Foodprime provides a wide range of meal menus, delivered right to the customer’s doorstep. This startup ensures that your favorite meal is never too far away.


Appeaty offers a myriad of software services for restaurants, including table service, takeaway, food delivery, and room service. Their goal is to improve efficiency and digital experience in restaurants.

The sixth flavor

The sixth flavor is a distinguished restaurant known for delivering food, pastries, and ice creams straight to the homes of their customers, combining tradition, quality, and convenience in equal measure.

Avo Brothers

Avo Brothers is a standout restaurant specializing in food and beverage service, with a particular emphasis on delicious snack food.


Deliverart, co-founded by Bryan Atienza Natavio and Eleonora Bove, is an all-in-one food delivery management software system. This platform ensures efficient management of food delivery services for restaurants.


For lovers of Italian and Asian fusion, Matassa offers a unique dining experience from its chain of fresh pasta restaurants. It was founded by Gerardo Taglianetti.

La Cuchara Verde

La Cuchara Verde delivers 100% organic vegetable products to its customers, emphasizing traditional flavors and textures. This startup caters to the needs of health-conscious yet taste-loving food enthusiasts.

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Foreal is a video-based social app co-founded by Marco Zavanese. It assists users in discovering and booking restaurants through their friends, adding a social aspect to dining decisions.


Catering to families and event-hosting needs, Pollicino is a cozy restaurant that provides traditional Italian dishes perfect for any occasion.

Il Mannarino

Il Mannarino offers a chain of butcher shops, allowing customers to order their preferred meat online and have it delivered to their homes or to the restaurant for cooking.

Born 2 Digital

Born 2 Digital is a digital solutions company delivering web design, social media, and digital menu solutions for catering and restaurants, providing end-to-end digital services in the restaurant industry.


Bringing an entire chef service to your home, Chef@Home is a unique startup catering to kitchen services for events, providing a special dining experience for your guests.

These innovative startups are paving the way for the future of the restaurant industry in Italy and beyond. By utilizing cutting-edge technologies, varied services, and thoughtful business models, they are ensuring that every part of the food journey, from farm to table, is optimized for sustainability, quality, and satisfaction.

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