Trailblazing Tech: 15 Dublin-based IT Startups to Watch in 2023

Embark on a tour of Dublin's dynamic startup scene, spotlighting disruptive IT ventures that are redefining the tech landscape.

Technological University Dublin: Shaping the Future of IT Education

Technological University Dublin is leading the way in IT-focused education. Founded by Arnold Felix Graves, it’s a key player in the Education, IT, and Professional Services sectors.

Sylon: Transforming Product Development

Sylon is revolutionising the product development process with their interactive tools. This startup is an emerging powerhouse in Business Development, IT, SaaS, and Software.

Seekr.AI: Next-Generation AI Product Search and Acquisition

Helmed by Kelly Murphy, Seekr.AI offers an AI that finds and acquires products and services for users. It’s pushing the envelope in the Artificial Intelligence, IT, SEO, and Software sectors.

Pryml: Innovating Privacy in Data Solutions

Pryml, founded by Daan Gerits and Francesco Gadaleta, provides a secure way to develop innovative solutions on confidential data without compromising privacy. They’re a force to be reckoned with in the Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IT, Machine Learning, Privacy, and Security industries.

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Voala: Enhancing the Jewelry Shopping Experience

Voala, founded by James Spalding, provides a virtual try-on tool for jewellery retailers to enhance customer experiences. They’re an emerging leader in the E-Commerce, Information Services, and IT sectors.

LivEazi: Delivering Critical Information and Support

LivEazi, led by Patrick Crawford, is an IT services provider, offering support services and information delivery to clients. It’s carving out a significant niche in the Consulting, Information Services, and IT fields.

LoadLabz: Specializing in Load Time Optimization

LoadLabz, the brainchild of Oisin Cullen, specializes in page speed optimization and load time optimization services. They’re redefining standards in the IT, Internet, and Web Hosting sectors.

Accounting Insights Ltd: Powering Accounting Reports Development

Accounting Insights Ltd offers Power BI templates, connectors, and training for accounting reports development and automation, making it a prominent player in the IT and Software industries.

Quinquadrate: Fostering Business Success with Software Solutions

Quinquadrate is a software solution provider that offers consulting, research, business strategies, and marketing plans. They’re becoming a go-to in the IT, Market Research, Project Management, and Software sectors.

Decision Point AI™ Europe: Informing Key Business Decisions

Decision Point AI™ Europe, founded by Karl A L Smith, offers professional services consulting for businesses looking to make key decisions. This startup is shaking things up in the Artificial Intelligence, Consulting, IT, Predictive Analytics, and Software sectors.

Tricoda: Simplifying IT Infrastructure Management

Tricoda is an IT infrastructure provider integrating cloud, legacy, and hybrid infrastructure into a user-friendly platform. It’s an innovator in the Cloud Infrastructure, Compliance, Data Integration, and IT sectors.

World’s Greatest Pubs: Revolutionizing Hospitality Rankings

Led by founder Alex Cordero, World’s Greatest Pubs offers RaaS (Rankings as a Service) to help clients sell their best tables to top customers. They’re influencing the Broadcasting, Hospitality, IT, Media and Entertainment, Social Media Management, Software, and Sports sectors.

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Inboarding: Cultivating Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces

Inboarding, founded by Fernanda dos Santos Martins and Robson Valdir Mafra, presents a new way to create diverse and inclusive workplaces. It’s making strides in the Artificial Intelligence, B2B, Employee Benefits, Employment, HR, IT, SaaS, Software, and Virtual Workforce sectors.

ZenaDrone Inc: Spearheading Autonomous Drone Monitoring

ZenaDrone Inc is a pioneer in autonomous drone monitoring, inspection, power grids, construction drones and more. They’re driving innovation in the AgTech, Drones, Farming, and IT sectors.

iPPi: Empowering Real Estate with Property Analytics

iPPi, founded by Kenneth Kelly, is a property analytics data platform shaking up the Analytics, Big Data, IT, Market Research, Real Estate, Software, and Trading Platform sectors.

These 15 trailblazing Dublin-based startups are not just shaping the local tech scene, they’re also contributing significantly to global IT innovation. Watch this space as they continue to disrupt and redefine their respective industries.

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