Milan’s Consulting Maestros: The 15 Startups Shaping Italy’s Future

Get acquainted with the rising stars of Milan's consulting scene - innovative startups delivering top-tier advice and solutions across a broad spectrum of industries.

Moderne: Redefining Creative Collaboration

Moderne, founded by Kyril Kulikov and Mila Dayan, is an innovative platform delivering insights, trends, and creative ideas. They’re making waves in the Advertising, Collaboration, Consulting, and Digital Marketing sectors.

AMCO: Expert Financial Asset Management

AMCO provides consultations services and solutions on managing financial assets. This startup is disrupting the Asset Management, Consulting, Finance, Financial Services, and FinTech industries.

Digital Insurance Broker: Insurance Consultancy for the Digital Age

Led by Emanuele Corsico Piccolini, Digital Insurance Broker offers digital insurance consultancy and brokerage services. It’s making significant strides in the Consulting, Insurance, and Risk Management sectors.

ITSREAL: Crafting Tailored Marketing Strategies

ITSREAL provides companies with carefully crafted marketing strategies. They’re a game-changer in the Augmented Reality, Consulting, Marketing, and Personal Branding sectors.

CoderIT: Web Development and IT Consulting Gurus

CoderIT specializes in website development, software development, and IT consulting services, making a significant impact in the Consulting, Information Technology, Software, and Web Development sectors.

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Vehnta: Boosting B2B Sales and Lead Generation

Vehnta is a provider of B2B sales, lead generation, and business consulting services. They’re quickly becoming a go-to in the B2B, Business Development, Consulting, and Lead Generation sectors.

Reneregy 1.618: Pioneering Renewable Energy Solutions

Reneregy 1.618 is a renewable energy semiconductor manufacturing company, making significant strides in the Energy, Environmental Consulting, and Renewable Energy sectors.

BindingFuture: Providing Next-Level Tech Solutions

BindingFuture offers technological, application, and software solutions, becoming a dominant player in the Consulting, Information Technology, Project Management, and Software sectors.

RnB4culture: Enhancing Historical-Cultural Heritage

RnB4culture is promoting and enhancing historical-cultural heritage. It’s making significant strides in the Artificial Intelligence, Consulting, Hardware, Internet of Things, and Software sectors.

Fabrico: Bridging Design and Technology

Fabrico is a software development firm that provides web design, project management, e-commerce, and system integration services. It’s a prominent player in the Consulting, Information Technology, Software, and Web Design sectors.

M&A Studi: Navigating Business Mergers and Acquisitions

Founded by Antonio Chimienti and Nicola Lepori, M&A Studi focuses on acquisitions, disposals, mergers, integration, and networking services. They’re a significant player in the Consulting, Professional Networking, and Professional Services sectors.

Onelab Milano: Revolutionizing Sports Marketing and Advertising

Onelab Milano is an advertising firm that provides sports marketing, social media management, and communication consulting. They’re a rising star in the Advertising, Consulting, Event Management, and Social Media sectors.

HiveValue: Empowering Management with Proprietary Software

HiveValue offers proprietary algorithms and applications through its software platform, impacting the Management Consulting and Software industries significantly.

Ragooo: Perfecting SEO and Campaign Management

Ragooo is a digital agency specializing in SEO consulting, campaign management, and data platform assessment services for businesses. It’s making waves in the Advertising, Consulting, and SEO sectors.

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Digitally: Enhancing Digital Skills through Training

Digitally offers training courses for learning digital tools and developing soft skills, impacting the Consulting, Education, and Training sectors.

These 15 outstanding Milan-based consulting startups are not only influencing Italy’s business landscape, but they’re also making an impact globally. As they continue to innovate and break new ground, they’re definitely startups to watch.

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