Munich’s Tech Titans: 15 Innovative IT Startups Redefining the Industry in Bayern

Discover the rising stars in Munich's vibrant tech scene, from cloud storage pioneers to game-changing AI solution providers.

Sinpex: Next-Level Cloud-Based Data Solutions

Sinpex, founded by Camillo Werdich and Jannik Metzner, is revolutionizing the finance and IT industry with its cloud-based data collection and management software solutions. Specializing in catering to banks and financial institutions, they are at the forefront of Cloud Storage and Document Management in the region.

PIPEFORCE.IO: Pioneering Enterprise Integration and Automation

The brainchild of Simon Ochs and Stephan Niedermeier, PIPEFORCE.IO is an enterprise iPaaS 2.0 platform providing unparalleled transparency and productivity in integration and automation tasks. From Artificial Intelligence to Web Development, PIPEFORCE.IO is a game-changer in several tech industries.

Fusionbase: Powering Research and Tech Services

Fusionbase, led by Kevin Gobling, provides top-notch research and technology services. With its innovative software, it is paving the way in the Database, IT, and Product Research sectors.

CodeSubmit: Streamlining Coding Assignments and Technical Interviews

CodeSubmit has created a unique git-based solution for administrating and evaluating coding assignments and technical interviews. This startup is making waves in the IT, Online Portals, and Software fields, transforming how tech companies hire and evaluate their candidates.

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Scalework: Enhancing Industries with Data Science and AI

Scalework stands at the forefront of applied data science solutions and AI solutions. With a focus on streamlining industries’ operations, this startup is making significant strides in the AI, IT, Machine Learning, and Software sectors.

Arcware: Redefining Real-Time Experiences with 3D Technology

Arcware is an IT services firm offering a unique platform for streaming interactive real-time experiences using 3D technology. With its cutting-edge services, Arcware is pushing boundaries in the 3D Technology, IT, and Video Streaming industries.

QYOBO: Unleashing Actionable Insights with Market Analytics

QYOBO is a market analytics platform that excels in providing actionable insights on market prices and trends. This company is carving a niche in the Analytics, Big Data, and IT sectors, offering solutions that power informed business decisions.

Moovster: Revolutionizing Travel with Reward Management

Led by founder Mario Lochmüller, Moovster is a rewards management platform specifically designed for the travel industries. They are changing the game in the Information Services, IT, and Service Industry sectors.

Box42: Mastering Machine Data with IoT

Box42 is an IoT-based system that expertly collects machine data and machine states. This company is pioneering developments in the Industrial Automation, IT, and Machine Learning fields.

Incredity: A New Era of Context-Aware Security

Incredity focuses on uncovering context-aware security issues and controlling open-source software usage with unprecedented speed. They are a force to be reckoned with in the Cyber Security, Government, IT, and Software sectors.

initics: Excelling in Business Integration and Electronic Data Exchange

initics, led by Julian Kowatsch, is an IT company that provides stellar electronic data interchange and business integration services. They are making a substantial impact in the Business Development, ERP, IT, Software, and Web Apps sectors.

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linked-planet: Expert IT Services and Software Development

linked-planet is a software company offering premium IT services. This startup is making a name for itself in the IT, Internet of Things, and Software industries.

Predictive Works: Operating and Sharing Platform for AI Applications

Predictive Works. is the marketplace for template-driven contextual AI-applications. They’re innovating the way AI applications are shared and operated, making them a rising star in the AI, IT, Machine Learning, SaaS, and Software sectors.

craftButler: Cloud-Based Software and IT Services

craftButler develops top-tier cloud-based software and provides unbeatable IT services. They are becoming a major player in the Cloud Infrastructure, IT, and Software industries.

99developers: Quality Development Resources

99developers brings together the top 3% of Indian development resources onto one platform. They are carving a niche for themselves in the IT and Software sectors, providing access to top-tier development talent.

The above-mentioned startups showcase the diversity and innovative power of Munich’s IT sector. They are undoubtedly the ones to watch, paving the way for the future of technology.

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