Delivering Innovation: Exploring Italy’s Delivery Startup Scene


Italy’s bustling startup ecosystem extends beyond traditional industries, with a vibrant landscape of delivery startups transforming the way goods and services reach consumers. In this article, we will showcase 15 exciting delivery startups in Italy that are revolutionizing logistics, food delivery, and e-commerce. From virtual restaurants to specialized courier services, these startups are reshaping the delivery landscape in Italy with their innovative approaches.

1. Ktchn Lab: Cooking up Success with Virtual Restaurants

Ktchn Lab creates and manages virtual restaurants that offer a variety of food and beverage options. Through their platform, customers can enjoy delicious meals from the comfort of their homes. Website

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2. Sendix: Simplifying Online Shipping and Personal Assistance

Sendix provides online shipping services, condominium management, and personal assistant services. Their platform streamlines the delivery process and offers convenience to customers. Website

3. Carne Genuina: Bringing High-Quality Meat to Your Doorstep

Carne Genuina enables customers to order high-quality meat directly from select breeders and have it delivered to their homes by frozen courier services. They prioritize freshness and traceability. Website

4. RecallFirstHand: Giving Technological Products a Second Life

Recall First Hand specializes in the remanufacturing process, giving technological products a second life. Their approach promotes sustainability and reduces electronic waste. Website

5. IAPIGI: Unleashing Creativity in Wallcovering Products

Iapigi offers a wide range of innovative wallcovering products. With their focus on 3D printing and e-commerce, they bring creative solutions to interior design. Website

6. Fooderapy: Catering to Diverse Dietary Needs with Home-Delivered Meals

Fooderapy provides meals tailored to different dietary needs, delivered directly to customers’ homes. They prioritize convenience and healthy eating. Website

7. Pasticci: Satisfying Sweet Cravings with an Online Pastry Shop

Pasticci is an online pastry shop that offers fresh fruit, natural flour, and tasty jams. Their delectable treats can be conveniently delivered to customers’ doorsteps. Website

8. Townfoods: Connecting Customers with Local and Zero-Kilometer Products

Townfoods is an automatic distribution channel that connects customers with local and zero-kilometer products. They support sustainable consumption and contribute to the local economy. Website

9. Foodprime: Bringing a Variety of Meal Menus to Your Doorstep

Foodprime is a restaurant and food delivery company that offers a wide range of meal menus for customers to enjoy in the comfort of their homes. Website

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10. UP TO YOU ANTHOLOGY: Designing and Delivering Fashionable Bags

UP TO YOU ANTHOLOGY is an online shop that designs and delivers stylish bags. Their unique designs cater to fashion-conscious individuals. Website

11. Erre.di: Providing Camlock VR Fittings and Flexible Pipe Assembly Services

Erre.di specializes in the production of camlock VR fittings and the assembly of flexible pipes. Their expertise ensures efficient delivery solutions for various industries. Website

12. Appeaty: Offering Comprehensive Software Services for Restaurants

Appeaty provides comprehensive software services for restaurants, including table service, take-away, food delivery, and room service. Their platform enhances restaurant operations. Website

13. FlowersUp: Blossoming with an Online Platform for Florists

FlowersUp is an online platform that sells flowers and plants, catering to florists and individuals alike. They offer a wide variety of floral arrangements with same-day delivery options. Website

14. Deliverart: Simplifying Food Delivery Management with All-in-One Software

Deliverart offers all-in-one food delivery management software. Their platform facilitates efficient order management and streamlines operations for restaurants. Website

15. Wedelivery: Delivering Food and Pharmacy Services with Convenience

Wedelivery provides food and pharmacy delivery services, ensuring timely and convenient access to essential items. Their platform offers seamless ordering and delivery experiences. Website


Italy’s delivery startup scene is thriving, with these 15 innovative startups at the forefront of change. Through their unique approaches, these startups are reshaping logistics, food delivery, and e-commerce in Italy. They leverage technology, sustainability, and customer-centric solutions to provide efficient and convenient delivery services. Keep an eye on these exciting startups as they continue to revolutionize the delivery landscape in Italy and beyond.

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