Cultivating Innovation: Exploring Italy’s Agricultural Startup Ecosystem


Italy, renowned for its rich agricultural heritage, is also a fertile ground for innovation and entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector. In this article, we will showcase 15 pioneering agricultural startups in Italy that are revolutionizing the industry. From leveraging artificial intelligence to eco-sustainable farming practices, these startups are reshaping agriculture by enhancing productivity, sustainability, and food safety.

1. Sicuro Food: Innovating with Transparency, Safety, and Quality

Sicuro Food is an agriculture startup focused on innovation, transparency, safety, and quality in the food and beverage industry. They provide solutions that promote traceability and build consumer trust. Website

2. Aigritec: Powering Advanced Agricultural Robots with AI

Aigritec utilizes artificial intelligence to develop cutting-edge robots for agriculture. Their AI-powered robots optimize farming processes and contribute to increased efficiency and productivity. Website

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3. Sicilian Wheat Bank: Connecting Producers and Processors for Grain Storage

Sicilian Wheat Bank facilitates direct contact between producers and processors, enabling the storage of agri-food production stocks. Their platform fosters collaboration and streamlines logistics in the wheat industry. Website

4. Tziboo: Digitizing Agricultural Goods Sales with a Digital Catalogue

Tziboo offers a software solution that enables the development of digital catalogues for selling agricultural goods. Their platform simplifies the sales process and improves efficiency for farmers and buyers. Website

5. Agrisene: Producing and Importing Quality Agricultural Products

Agrisene is an agricultural startup engaged in the production and import of high-quality agricultural products. They contribute to the availability of diverse agricultural goods in the market. Website

6. Good Land: Providing Sustainable Agriculture and Food Products

Good Land is an agriculture company that offers a range of sustainable food products, housing models, and produces olive trees, fruits, and vegetables. They prioritize environmental sustainability and quality. Website

7. Serranova: Accelerating Cultivation Speed with Outdoor and Indoor Gardens

Serranova specializes in outdoor and indoor gardens that maximize cultivation speed. Their innovative approach enhances productivity and supports efficient farming practices. Website

8. Wiise Chain: Empowering Agri-Food Sectors with Technology Solutions

Wiise Chain provides technologies and solutions for the agri-food sectors. Their expertise supports the digital transformation of agricultural processes, optimizing efficiency and sustainability. Website

9. MBE: Advancing Agricultural Machinery and Industrial Mechanics

MBE focuses on the development of prototypes for agricultural machinery and industrial mechanics. Their solutions improve productivity and performance in the agricultural sector. Website

10. Agricultural Production Engineering: Cultivating Eco-Sustainable Vertical Farms

Agricultural Production Engineering pioneers an eco-sustainable vertical farm cultivation model applicable to photovoltaic greenhouses. Their innovative approach maximizes land utilization and promotes sustainable farming. Website

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11. Natural Bamboo: Investing in Green Economy Initiatives

Natural Bamboo is an agricultural company that invests in green economy initiatives and shares the management profits of environmentally friendly projects. They prioritize sustainable practices and natural resource management. Website

12. LIQUIDS: Delivering Innovative Farming and Agricultural Products

LIQUIDS provides innovative products for farming and agriculture. Their solutions contribute to enhanced productivity, marketing, and overall efficiency in the agricultural sector. Website

13. Micro-Biotech: Promoting Natural and Organic Fertilizers

Micro-Biotech specializes in the production and distribution of natural and organic fertilizers. They offer environmentally friendly solutions that support sustainable agricultural practices. Website

14. AGRENTA: Enabling Training, Production, and Research in Agriculture

AGRENTA is an agro-based company that offers comprehensive services encompassing training, food production, processing, monitoring, research, and consultancy. They contribute to the growth and advancement of the agricultural sector. Website

15. Dom Terry Agrisolutions: Advancing Nutrition Research and Development

Dom Terry Agrisolutions specializes in the research, development, and marketing of nutritional solutions for the agricultural industry. Their focus on sustainability and innovation drives advancements in farming practices. Website


Italy’s agricultural startup ecosystem is thriving, with these 15 innovative startups leading the charge. Through the application of technologies like artificial intelligence, sustainable farming practices, and digital platforms, these startups are transforming the agriculture industry. They are enhancing productivity, promoting environmental sustainability, and improving the overall efficiency of agricultural processes. Keep an eye on these trailblazing startups as they continue to shape the future of agriculture in Italy and beyond.

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