Innovating the Nordics: 15 Exciting IT Startups from Stockholm, Sweden

Fostering Innovation in Artificial Intelligence, E-commerce, and More: The Promising IT Landscape in Stockholm

Teemyco: Virtually Connecting Employees

Co-founded by Charlotte Ekelund and Oleg Danylenko, Teemyco is an online platform that connects employees and enables them to conduct meetings online. This startup is paving the way for seamless virtual collaborations in the IT space.

Pigello: Revamping Property Management

Established by Alexander Olsson, Filip Schröder, and Tor Andersch, Pigello is a comprehensive property management platform with a focus on a user-friendly interface and automated processes.

Passbuy: Transforming Shopping Experience

Created by Albert Lundberg and Cornelius Ruckman, Passbuy is an innovative mobile app that allows consumers to skip the lines at stores and check out and pay within seconds. Securing Digital Conferencing

Haza Newman and Vladimir Osipov’s is the world’s first conferencing platform combining simplicity, white-labelling, security, and privacy.

Convolo: Supercharging Sales with AI

Developed by Johan Nilsson and Samer Saffarini, Convolo is an AI-powered Communications Platform designed to increase sales calls by 124% and conversion rate by 391%.

12iD: Ensuring Identity Security

12iD provides a solution to issue digital identities and to identify users remotely, setting a new standard in identity management in the IT world.

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Iver: Fostering IT Solutions

Iver develops and delivers services within IT operations, high-security solutions, and application development, making a significant impact in the IT industry.

Oak Universe: Unleashing Industrial Revolution

Established by John Franklin and Odysseas Christofi, Oak Universe provides companies with the funding and expertise to unleash the power and possibilities of the fourth industrial revolution.

Skinfo: Revolutionizing HealthTech and E-commerce

Founded by Lena Skiba, Skinfo is a promising SaaS, E-commerce, and HealthTech startup in the IT landscape of Stockholm.

Confirma Software: Elevating Enterprise Software

Confirma Software is a vertical software platform that acquires strong enterprise software companies, fostering growth in the IT sector.

Waredock: Innovating Logistics

Established by Janno Viiding, Waredock is a hyperlocal distribution network that is transforming the logistics sector using cutting-edge IT solutions.

Astrid: AI Coach for Managers

Astrid is the AI-powered coach for managers and team leaders, leading the way for AI applications in HR and analytics.

LiveArena: Automating Live Broadcasting

LiveArena is a SaaS company that automates live broadcasting with AI, carving a unique niche in Stockholm’s IT ecosystem.

Venizum: Enhancing Salesforce Capabilities

Founded by Christopher Engman, Venizum is working in the marketing domain with sales and development of applications in Salesforce platforms.

ChainTraced: Securing Product Value Chains

ChainTraced gives the tools to make sure that requirements are met at each stage of the product’s value chain, showcasing the versatility of IT solutions.


These 15 Stockholm-based IT startups are not only empowering businesses across various industries but are also revolutionizing the IT scene in the Nordic region. As they drive transformation, they set a high standard for innovation in the IT industry, and their impact is expected to resonate well beyond Stockholm.

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