Ile-de-France’s FinTech Revolution: 15 Startups Shaking up Financial Services

From banking to micro-lending, the financial services industry is rapidly evolving with the help of technology. Here are 15 startups in Ile-de-France, France, that are at the forefront of this FinTech revolution.

Swan – The Easiest Way to Embed Banking Features into Any Digital Product

Swan is a platform that simplifies banking features and services for digital products. It helps businesses integrate banking features like deposits, withdrawals, and card issuance into their applications seamlessly. Swan makes banking services easily accessible and streamlines the user experience.

Libeo – Simplifying Payment of Account Payables for SMEs

Libeo is on a mission to simplify the processing and payment of account payables for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It provides a digital platform that automates the payment process and allows businesses to manage their cash flow better. With its efficient payment system, Libeo helps SMEs save time and resources.

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Virgil – A Financial Solution to Assist Individuals in Purchasing a Home

Virgil provides a financial solution to assist individuals in purchasing a home. It offers flexible and affordable options for people looking to buy property. Virgil’s financial solution includes rental guarantees, deposit loans, and more.

ParaSwap – Solving Liquidity Problems in Crypto Markets

ParaSwap aims to solve the liquidity problem in cryptocurrency markets by bringing every exchange protocol into one platform. It allows users to find the best exchange rate across multiple protocols and execute trades quickly and easily.

SheeldMarket – A Cryptocurrency Trading Platform with Hidden Positions

SheeldMarket is a cryptocurrency trading platform that keeps the positions of the market participants hidden. It ensures that traders can buy or sell cryptocurrency without revealing their positions to other traders. SheeldMarket’s innovative solution ensures that users can trade anonymously and securely.

Vybe – A Digital Platform to Develop Payment Cards for Young People

Vybe provides a digital platform that allows users to develop payment cards for young people aged 13 to 18. The platform offers features like spending limits, parental control, and financial education. Vybe’s innovative solution aims to help young people learn financial responsibility and manage their money effectively.

Aria – Providing Businesses with Payment-terms-as-a-Service

Aria offers businesses payment-terms-as-a-service, making instant payment the new B2B standard. It simplifies payment terms and provides businesses with more flexibility and control over their finances.

Fygr – Offering Cash Management and Forecasting Solutions

Fygr offers cash management and forecasting solution services to help businesses manage their finances better. It provides real-time data and analysis to help businesses make informed financial decisions.

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Cauri Money – Digital Banking Solutions via App for Fund Transfer

Cauri Money specializes in financial technology with a wide range of digital banking solutions via an app for fund transfer. It offers a simple and secure way for users to transfer funds to any bank account, pay bills, and manage their finances.

Pono Financial Solutions – A Fintech Company Providing Innovative Financial Services

Pono Financial Solutions is a fintech company that provides innovative financial services to individuals and businesses. Its platform offers solutions for payment processing, account management, and more.

Rosaly – A Financial Service Provider Company

Rosaly is a financial service provider company that offers services like accounting, tax, and financial consulting to individuals and businesses. It provides personalized financial solutions to help clients achieve their financial goals.

canB – A New Banking Platform Offering Accounts, Cards, Reports, and Security Services

canB is a new banking platform that offers accounts, cards, reports, and security services. It provides a seamless banking experience for users, with features like instant account creation, virtual cards, and 24/7 customer support.

Revaia – A Growth Equity Investment Fund Focused on Sustainable European Tech Companies

Revaia is a growth equity investment fund that focuses on European technology companies with a sustainable ethos. It invests in companies that aim to create positive social and environmental impact while generating financial returns for investors.

ACEP Group – Microfinancing Services Catering to Small and Medium Enterprises

ACEP Group provides microfinancing services catering to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Its platform offers credit and financial services to help SMEs grow and thrive.

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KIMPA – Impact Investing for Positive Environmental and Social Impact

KIMPA aims to deploy the capital of its clients towards investment that offers a positive environmental and social impact on our planet. Its platform provides impact investing opportunities for individuals and institutions that want to make a difference while generating financial returns.


These 15 FinTech startups in Ile-de-France are changing the way financial services are delivered and consumed. They offer innovative solutions that simplify banking, improve cash flow management, and provide access to financial services to businesses and individuals. With their focus on sustainability and impact investing, they are creating a brighter future for financial services in the region and beyond.

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