15 E-Commerce Startups in Lombardia, Italy to Watch Out For

From sustainable fashion to luxury second-hand clothing, these startups are revolutionizing the way we shop online.

Lombardia, the heart of the Italian economy, is a hub for innovative startups that are changing the game in E-Commerce. From luxury clothing and accessories to sustainable fashion and beauty, these startups are leading the way with their unique offerings. Here are the 15 most interesting E-Commerce startups in Lombardia, Italy.

Lampoo – The Unique Marketplace for Second-hand Luxury Clothing and Accessories

Lampoo is a one-of-a-kind marketplace for authenticated second-hand luxury clothing and accessories. It offers an affordable, sustainable option for those who love luxury fashion without breaking the bank.

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Mirta – The B2B Platform for High-end Wholesale

Mirta is a B2B platform for high-end wholesale, bringing together a marketplace and an order management software for the brands that join the platform. It simplifies the wholesale process for both brands and retailers.

Bike Room – The Global Platform for High-end Bikes

Bike Room’s mission is to be the global platform for high-end bikes, connecting brands, dealers, and bikers. It offers a wide range of bikes for cycling enthusiasts.

Camicia On Demand – The Online Shirt Rental Service Provider

Camicia On Demand is an online shirt rental service provider that provides washing, ironing, and weekly home delivery. It offers an innovative, affordable solution for those who need a fresh shirt every week.

Skin First Cosmetics – The Online Retailer of Cosmetics and Beauty Products

Skin First Cosmetics is an online retailer of cosmetics, treatments, skin remedies, and beauty products. It offers a wide range of products for those who care about their skin.

Neuno – The Platform to Buy, Sell, and Trade Fashion NFTs

Neuno is a platform to buy, sell, and trade fashion NFTs. It offers a unique opportunity for fashion enthusiasts to own a piece of digital art.

GEL Proximity – The Technology that Connects eShops, Fulfillment Operators, and Road Carriers

GEL Proximity is the technology that connects eShops, fulfillment operators, and road carriers with many last mile delivery services. It simplifies the delivery process for E-Commerce businesses.

Slow Nature – The European Online Retailer of Sustainable Fashion and Beauty

Slow Nature is a European online retailer dedicated exclusively to sustainable fashion and beauty. It offers an eco-friendly, ethical option for those who want to shop sustainably.

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Melchioni Ready – The Online Store Providing Electronics, Batteries, and More

Melchioni Ready offers an online store providing electronics, batteries, audio equipment, electrical material products, and hardware tools. It offers a wide range of products for those who need electronic equipment and hardware tools.

SOLE STUDIO – The Online Retailer of Unique Jewelry, Amulets, and Armor

SOLE STUDIO offers unique jewelry, amulets, and armor through online sales. It offers a wide range of unique, handmade products for those who want something special.

Cafe 124 – The Provider of Coffee-based Drinks and Roasters

Cafe 124 provides coffee-based drinks and roasters. It offers a wide range of coffee products for coffee lovers.

RD24 – The Rental Market for Furniture, Sport, and Fitness Equipment

RD24 is a rental market that sells furniture, sport, and fitness equipment. It offers an affordable option for those who need furniture, sport, and fitness equipment.

RecallFirstHand – The Remanufacturing Process for Technological Products

Recall First Hand gives a second life to technological products through a remanufacturing process. It offers an innovative, sustainable option for those who want to reduce electronic waste.

LACE IT APP – The Online Shop for Sneakers and Footwear

LACE IT APP is an online shop that sells sneakers and footwear products. It offers a wide range of trendy sneakers for sneakerheads and footwear enthusiasts.

Innovative Digital Export – The Digital Agency Providing Market Analysis and Advertising Services

Innovative Digital Export is a digital agency that provides market analysis, Google Ads campaigns, social, and communication services. It offers a wide range of digital services for businesses to expand their E-Commerce presence.

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These 15 startups are transforming the way people shop and do business online in Lombardia, Italy. From sustainable fashion and beauty to unique jewelry and amulets, there’s something for everyone. Keep an eye out for these innovative E-Commerce startups in Lombardia, Italy!

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