Startup Showcase: Syntio—Unlocking the Power of Data Engineering

Pioneering Data Solutions: How Syntio Is Driving Business Transformations Worldwide

Welcome to another exciting edition of Startup Showcase on! Today, we delve deep into the world of Syntio, a Zagreb-based data engineering company that’s redefining the way businesses handle complex data challenges. With an innovative approach rooted in research and empowerment, Syntio is not just solving problems—it’s revolutionizing the data engineering landscape.

A Global Footprint: Offices Across Three Continents

Founded in Zagreb, Croatia, Syntio has rapidly expanded its reach by establishing offices in Southern Europe, the Nordics, and the United States. Operating in an intensely competitive and intricate business landscape, the company has found its strength in constantly evolving to meet challenges head-on. Its international presence not only amplifies its reach but also diversifies its understanding of data challenges across different markets.

Innovation at Its Core: The Syntio Labs

Everything Syntio does is deeply entrenched in innovation. With a strong emphasis on research & development, the company invests significant resources into what it calls ‘Syntio Labs.’ In these in-house labs, team members, aka “Syntians,” engage in collective knowledge-sharing sessions. The goal is to discover patterns in data challenges that can lead to groundbreaking solutions. By fostering an innovative environment, Syntio aims to enable its associates to unlock and accelerate their potential, thereby benefiting clients with ever-evolving, high-quality solutions.

Empowering Associates and the Tech Community

Syntio’s approach to data solutions goes beyond the typical client-service provider model. When collaborating on projects, Syntio’s teams are a mix of their own engineers and the associate’s engineers. This symbiotic relationship ensures mutual upskilling and development. The ultimate aim is to empower not just the company and its collaborators but also the tech community at large. According to Syntio’s philosophy, if they create something ‘cool’ or innovative, it shouldn’t be confined to their labs but should be shared with the world.

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Syntio aims to be an alternative to the norm, emphasizing knowledge, quality, and sustainability over mere profit. Their mission statement is clear: Be planet-positive, put people first, and just be “plain awesome.” With these principles, they look to transform your business in ways that are both effective and ethical.

If you’re intrigued and wish to learn more about Syntio, or perhaps collaborate with them, check out their website and social channels below:

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